Is their a cheevo or skin for players making General in all 8 Ops?

Hitting General in all 8 Operations shows one thing. The pllayer was willing to stick with the game through the good and the bad… the UPS and the Downs I was hoping their might be a skin or at minimum an achievement for this accomplishment. Anybody know? Thanks

No. :wink:

Nothing like that has been said.

And I don’t think it should have to be all 8 Operations if it ever happens. I didn’t get to General in Op 6 but only close to it. Still played them all to a degree.

Then again, probably would be something I’d never use so I probably couldn’t care less about it.

100% no

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I think it is against achievement “rules” to create an achievement that is unobtainable at launch of said achievement.

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I’ve played since launch and got to General each time and I already got like 8 skins for reaching the General rank, 6 of which I can’t use because they’re for Swarm only. So no, thanks. Exclusivity is stupid.


It is. Then again, Gears 4 had achievements for unlocking multiplayer skins. Because it’s totally an epic milestone.

Imagine having a game you couldn’t complete because you missed a single Season. That would go down well with the community. Edit: Also you already got 8 exclusive skins as General rewards will never be put in the Featured store

I will agree that TC should have rewarded players who achieved Seriously 5.0 though.

So… Seriously 5.0 part 2 would have been against said “rule” because it required players to complete maps that weren’t even in the game yet? That’s if it had worked properly, anyway.

yes, there is a PvP only reward for that… They haven’t specified WHAT yet, but I’m sure there will be…

Disappointed that there is nothing for getting 100% medals. Done it most tours for fun.

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No, that is not what I am saying. You can’t go back in time and complete general 1-7 at the start of OP8 making it impossible to earn achievement when it launches.

You could make an achievement at the launch of the game that was get general OP 1-8 but not now


No, good Doctor. Again with the taking of your own medicine!

Of course they couldn’t do this! It’d be outrageous! It’d be unfair!

Not to mention if there was an achievement tied to it I’d probably burst into flames.


At this point, it should not be a thing.

In GoW4 when they did the “earn seriously 4.0 within the first year” it gave (in a loose sense) EVERY gamer the possibility to receive the reward because you were given time to still achieve it, you just needed to achieve whatever it was you had remaining to earn the bonus content.

That wouldn’t be the case here. players would have had to decide to complete all the operations on their own free will and now the devs are deciding they should further reward these players even more than just the rank general rewards for work that now nobody else can catch up on.

Exactly…they did this with the hive achievements in op5 (i think?) where some hives were yet to be released so unless you were on pc you had to wait for them to unlock throughout the operation to complete the related achievements.

If they released an achievement/reward today for “play day one” there is nobody gonna be happy who decided to play the game after launch because they have absolutely no way of earning it. Where as if they added a “play in 2022” reward it gives everyone a chance at it…just not right now.

Those were challenge achievements which had no gamerscore. Gears 4 had 164 achievements and 36 challenge achievements.

I wish they had done so for Gears 5 operations actually where only the completionists would have it even if it didnt add any gamerscore to the account.

@Quantum_Hulk to your point, I know o f games which cannot be 100% completed achievement wise anymore as the servers have been decomissioned. MK9 is one where you cannot earn the online achievements but offline ones can still be earned.

cof cof Gears UE for PC and Judgment cof cof

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I didnt want to use Gears UE PC or Gears Judgment as obvious examples (those are probably known) but used completely different games to prove the case

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I was under the impression this only applied to time-limited achievements and retrospective objectives - not future ones.

“Year Of The Scorpion” was unattainable when the achievement went live as the OP 4 hives had not been released at that stage. But technically the hives were in the game files and accessible by PC players so I don’t know if that changes anything.

What skin do you want?