Is the wall-bounce normal?

The wallbouncing in gow5 seems a little absurd, is it going to remain this strong?

An example:

It’s almost like a glitch due to the range.
People are exploiting macros to do it on PC too.

If you do that against me I‘m gonna smash the B-button and t bag you.


That’s if you can hit them twice, but you shouldn’t have to resort to such noob tactics.
Do you think the wallbounce is too extreme?

No, I think it is even slower than gow4…

Its not a problem, nothing the death canon that is the gansher cant handle plus the lancer is good enough to ruin someone who can bounce that well.

For me it feels faster in 5, and the doubled 60 fps makes it smoother with less blur, so you can go slightly faster.

Lmao boy its slower that 4 i hate it is unusable in normal play cuz its so damn slow dont even get me started on server lag making bouncing basically increase you’re hit-box size

no player playing competitively will do that. Half of those clips they are in custom lobbies. The other half are their best clips doing that. Plus they play on non competitive game modes. You never see videos like these in execution or Escalation. It’s not viable when you are playing against people who are good and know how to play.

it was better in 4 due to the competitive tuning (weaker Shotgun), but in 5 it makes no sense to play like that.

Now I’m not saying Wallbouncing is bad because it definitely helps you out a lot. But videos like these are an exaggeration and I’m sure they miss more than they hit.

That looks like a glitch to me and it’s making me dizzy.

That kind of wallbounce is useless. Most of the time you “Shot + strafebounce” to 1 or 2 times max.

Doing that is just a waste of time and the mele hit will counter you easily

That looks like some sort of macro. I’ve found wall bouncing ineffective or better yet less effective for kills than previous gears games. Now I just distance myself and blow them away from a distance. Range on Gnasher I feel is too long at the moment. I feel like there is no fall off damage on it. I do however use wall bouncing to evade shots while I’m falling back and that still works pretty well still.

It’s unfair to imply people like Feno in the video can’t play ranked Execution, etc. Their movement is clearly better than the average players and they can and do use it to gain a significant advantage they don’t learn to wallbounce to that degree for nothing.

I would like to see you beat Feno in a 1v1 gnasher game. Most gow “pros” these days think lancering across the map from behind cover is skill. It’s no wonder one of the best MLG players for GoW is only 16 years old.

Against an average player sure. But you won’t see that in an actual competitive game. And lancering isn’t skill? Getting angles, controlling the map isn’t “mlg” ? Okay bud.

Nah it’s just being the strongest noobs whoever plays the most dirtiest/cheapest by corner peeking using power weapons and flashing etc wins. Imagine a boxing match and instead of a clean arena with fair weapons (two fists) one boxer gets a hammer and a wall to hide behind, it’s simply cowardice.

I am moderately good at wallbouncing, but I’ve found that if you aim where they’re going to be they’ll slide into your shot. With what I saw in the video you’re a pretty easy target because you’re canceling out the actual slide and basically moving very slightly side to side. Just my opinion though.

It’s beautiful as it is.

They don’t need to change it because it’s slower then GoW4.