Is the solo bonus capped at 2500 or is that just a visual bug?

If it the max bonus you can get is 2500 that’s kind of salt on the wound of a solo player.

You make so many threads.



Just an observation. :innocent:

How? If you are scoring 10k points i would like to think you are doing fairly well (or very well depending on the mode)

So being limited to only an additional 2500 for free is hardly a problem.

Edit: And I am a solo Guardian player. If it is capped at 2500, it takes a good 4/5 round game to reach 10k points. I think the most score on the scoreboard i have earned this season is 14,000 ish.

If that 14,000 did NOT include the solo bonus (which im pretty sure it does) im missing out on only 1,000 points of solo bonus…its not a life of death amount.

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“It’s not a life or death amount” it matters to solos grinding for high rewards or those who want top 1k but with less grind and no stack. Solos already deal with very unbalanced matchmaking when the good stacks come online so capping their bonus for playing solo is insane.

Edit: Point is they manually put in a cap when they really shouldn’t have.

You just got 2,500 more points for literally no reason.

If you average over 10k then we will talk. I average over 11k a game…considering that includes the solo bonus, i am not averaging the 10k cap a game. And i doubt many are depending on the game mode.

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“For no reason” okay now I know you’re trolling. Please don’t bait, it wastes both of our time.

No…it just does not apply to you. Exhibit A

You average 6,650 a match INCLUDING solo bonus…remarkably nowhere near the 10k cap to reach that supposed 2,500 limit on solo bonus. So the amount of points that limits is TRIVIAL at best.

Exhibit B

I average 11,800 a match INCLUDING solo bonus. Me who is averaging over 1.75x more score is also below that threshold on average. The amount is TRIVIAL to me too.

If i have troubles hitting that cap, ain’t no way you averaging 1.75x less points is having problems with too many games missing out on points over the max.



Average = you always get 6600. The points you could have gotten over cap do not exist. You can claim they are trivial all you like but it would make a difference after all the games I’ve done. It would add up because the insane amount ive done.

Edit: Most of the time you that you mvp will result in only 2500. I don’t mvp often as I’m not that good but it still doesn’t explain why the manually implemented a cap on solo bonus. The rare times I do mvp are kinda dampened by the fact the bonus with a cap.

Edit2: You mvped half your games so it’s add up to way more. You might even be top 100.

Considering average does mean you could have 265 games at 13,100 points and 265 at ZERO points and average what you are right now…6,650 in roughly 530 matches.

AT MOST, literally impossible, but at most you have had 265 games at 13,100.

Assuming you max out your solo bonus at 2,500 that means you scored 10.600 in each of those 265 game. Thats 600 points that were not subject to solo bonus.

25% x 600 points x 265 games = 39,750 “lost” by you AT MOST.

39,750/6,650 avg = 6 games

It would take you 6 games AT MOST to make up your “lost” score. Seeing as i know you have not played 265 games with zero score, i know you arent at 265 at 13,100 score…which means play 1 more match and break even on your “lost” points.

Math is fun :smile:


Okay but I don’t see any reason to remove any points for getting mvp. No matter how much you defend TC for implimenting things that have no reason to exist they won’t employ you for it lol. You can do as many calculations as you like but there’s zero defence for this other than “b-b-b-bbut it’s not that many points”

I agree, remove the solo bonus. It serves no purpose besides confusion

THATS trolling dude.

Edit: You seem like the kind of person that would complain they received an extra nugget in their 10 piece McNugget when they ordered only 10.

You know, like complaining for receiving any bonus to your score when it is undeserved.


“Undeserved” yeah going against good 5 stacks and being forced to lose against them several times is fine. Being at the mercy of the “SBMM” and getting paired with crayon eaters in solo queue is fine.

So if you are playing all solo players do you deserve a bonus?

And i suppose they just waived the solo bonus on those games, right?

Consider that next game you see no duos together in a match or only your team has a squad

Uhhh the solo bonus against those 5 stacks is often about 500 at best and it can be even worse. They give the bonus on other games to make up for the times you get destroyed.

Translation. Get good or play another title

Bye bye. Ill be passing you on leaderboard in a few weeks time.

It always comes down to this. “Jus compete with people who’ve been playing gears pvp for years lmao” a complete lack of empathy from the old gears pvp fans.

Also I don’t care all I want is top 100. You’re the better player and you mvp so obviously you’ll pass me lol

Edit: At least you admitted to doing a little trolling

Im sorry they provide you with literally a leaderboard related around play time rather than skill and reward you additional points for playing alone therefore aiding you further in your efforts to obtain pointless skins that will be forgotten and lost in the mind of all by the launch of the next game.

Play for fun, not for rewards. Peace

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Bro you keep saying bye like when I’m on the phone my mom. I know you’re angry for some reason but yeah after this if I reach top 100 I’ll probably be playing more casually for next season. Also I don’t have a series x or a gaming PC due to the chip shortage so if I do play a GOW game in two years it might till be 4 or 5.