Is the SKILL GAP hurting the game?

Is VS not as popular as it was back in the day due to the fact that some guys have been playing this forever and new and casual players just get wrecked?

A buddy of mine with a popular YT channel uploaded a Gears retrospective today. At first, I felt it was cynical and didn’t appreciate it, until my wife said, “Yes! That’s why I don’t play anymore, because I just get destroyed.” I’ve heard a lot of people echo that same sentiment. Personally, I don’t go into Social unless I can’t find a ranked match or I’m with a noob friend who can’t do ranked with me because I feel skilled players hanging in Social is just bullying, and I don’t want to give people a bad player experience on the game. But, I’ve been with noob friends in Social and have many times seen a pair of diamond level players who frequent Social and tbag everyone they stomp. Imagine that’s you’re first experience on a game, would you want to be part of that community?

How do we make everyone happy??
The ability to learn so many movement and shot techniques is why I love this game but the general public wants to be able to play without devoting THAT much of themselves to it like they can most other FPS games. RANKED play should be the solution but I frequently see lower level players being thrown in with high level. Yesterday, I was in a lobby with someone who didn’t know how to pick up weapons. It’s not just because the game is old either because when I first started playing I was getting into games with montagers like Limitless and FragCells/Toy.

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This is probably going to sound stupid but why not block social off for high ranked players? So they dont destroy newer players.

Just make competitive warmup as the social playlist for medium to high skilled ranked players


Many of these said diamonds have severe mental issues in my estimation. I have yet to play a diamond but when I do, if they act like that, I’ll have a laugh and try to smoke tag or something that bothers them. You (and your friend and wife) are correct. This game does a poor job of matching like-skilled players. It’s often Pee-wee vs MLB. Where is the fun for either side?


Diamond really has nothing to do with it but what it is, is that we have some people that are insecure in their lives and they get pleasure in feeling like they have power over others. Power that they can upset someone, talk trash after a game, etc.
Some high level players are gents, others are createnous low-lifes. There’s all types.

But, I think low-level people are too often put in situations that bree frustration and discouragement.
TC said the the Core gnasher is tuned so that everyone could feel empowered, but that was a poor solution, IMO.

I play KotH and only just started recently. What tuning is it using? I am still confused.

But there is Comp Warmup with KOTH on Comp Tuning.

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Ok. It makes sense. Most seem to walk forward and fire while aiming, (left trigger?). I expected more movement. Lol.

What Ektope said is correct.
I know you’re an accomplished Horde player, KOTH is a great way to get good at VS because you can always find a way to contribute, and dying doesn’t hurt your team like in other modes. The pace is off-putting to some but it will help you develop faster responses.
Guardian is good too because you learn the nuances of the maps and deaths don’t matter unless you’re leader. I know all sorts of tricks using the geography of the maps because of what I learned playing Guardian. You have time to actually think in that mode.

When I started playing VS, some of my friends were all Onyx so I was basically thrown in the deep end and forced to swim. I found it exciting but I don’t think most would.

I think most start with TDM but I think it’s actually harder to learn that way because you become scared to engage since deaths weigh so heavily. TDM and Execution are great when you learn how to play offensively, but need to dial in defense.

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I do in fact like the pace of koth. It’s frantic much like I run Scout in Insane. I feel a touch bad as I use colour/chars that confuse enemy and Ally alike. Haha. I keep getting shot at by team and able to walk right up to enemy at times. One last question for this evening… Is comp warmup like social where there are various modes to vote or can you select specific mode?. Thanks!

I used to do that, the deceptive use of colors and characters. After a while, it won’t matter as higher level players aren’t fooled by much so unless it’s Guardian, I’ll use whatever skins now.

Comp warm up is weird because, in concept, it’s a beautiful thing. Mostly talented, mature players play it since it’s comp tuning, and it’s not as sweaty as social. It’s just practice, You’re not really playing for a W.
The problems are that it’s core modes (yes, you vote) and it’s often dead (full of bots). If you catch it during busy hours though, it’s pretty nice and it’s comp tuning so the movement is smooth and you are less likely to get gibbed by laggy players who aren’t even facing your direction. With comp tuning, you often have to build damage and it’s less flukey than core where the Gnasher is so OP that the timing delays inherent to the game often cost you your 1V because one shot and it’s over. Anyone can catch someone else in Core but getting 2 , 3, or 4 shots into someone really determines talent.

I think our experiences may be skewed because we are not bronzes. I’ve seen a full lobby of bronze players on livestreams like the community ones, and they are full of very nooby players. And when I played my first game solo on an alternate account, you wouldn’t believe the level of noobiness I ran into lol. It was adorable.

I will say that a new player will get destroyed on any Gears their first time. It’s been this way since Gow1/Gow2. Gears is notorious for keeping new players to zero kills for several games. Some players new to Gears can get some kills their first time if they are good quality players at other shooter games. But a player new to shooters in general who picks up Gears? Gonna get stomped even when the franchise was a baby.

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I am bronze 2 as I type this. Lol. I am here to learn.

Oh I’ve been there

I’m wings 2 bronze. :sweat_smile:

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That was before the PC? :rofl:

funny video. I do nothing to say. TC - what do you think about your game? I did not think that my favorite game, thank you, to turn into unplayable trash.


No, the broken game mechanics and ■■■■ matchmaking is

I think I’m still a bronze in dodgeball last time I checked haha. Barely can find any games to rank up tbh

No skill gap imo. Gears is a game where your going to be dedicated to get better and break it into pieces out of frustration trying to learn. My wife was horrible in gears 3 when she started playing than judgement got better and never quit with a k/d of like 0.037. now she is decent most of the time she plays if she is not doing gears and beers which is rarely. But when she sober I’ll take her any day over a random she listens and won’t quit like most scrub randoms today


No, there’s no solution to that. Sometimes, the sweats want to just mess around and have a chilled experience here and there. You’ll deny them that because of how less credible newer players are? I don’t think that’s smart at all. Social should be playable for everyone, no matter their rank. Yes, the experience will be bad like the example you gave, but it is how it is. The same thing happens in Ranked. Gears isn’t a game that you can jut pick up and easily be great at it. It’s a skillful game, that takes time and dedication. It’s the sweats that keep the game alive, not the casuals. Not to be harsh, but deal with it