Is the shotgun bad again on just PC again?

What’s going on? Literally nothing connects anymore for me. I’m finishing 8th place in FFA, where I climbed to Masters in an evening last season.

Shotgun battles feel drawn out, shots just yeet off into Zimbabwe and I get bodied from Narnia.

I’m saying this in the nicest way possible: stop changing the tuning so often TC. (Trust me, I want to type something very different cause I’m actually seething.)


Facts bro i remeber fighting u in FFA last season and we had good fights, but now i feel like it be russian roulette with the new gnasher

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Nope, not just PC lol.

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Not just PC. I Keep firing at very close range and seeing only 3-4 pellets hit. It’s nuts…like I said before, worse than the Doom 3 shotgun.

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Gnasher has been great for me but I haven’t touched rank only social.

It has to be something with lag and the compensation for it that gives me such terrible results. Most of the time, when I play versus, my ping is around 180 on average now. Not great.


Is this maybe a Ranked thing? My shotgun feels fine in QP I’ve noticed.

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I’m hitting people square on and getting like 3 pellet hits. IDK what’s going on.

But… But I love the Doom 3 shotgun.

I’m seeing the same thing. I could be RIGHT ON the person. I didn’t know if it was ■■■■ latency or what. Semi-Glad to see I’m not the only one and hoping it changes soonish.

The gnasher actually shoots where you aim now, so it’s great. Will be shortlived, but I enjoy it for now.