Is the ruby scion just the regular scion with a crystal color swap? And is the scion claimable right now?

Is the ruby scion any diffrent besides the crystal colors on his back? does he have ruby eyes , an eye patch or a man purse? Is there any other differnces? And if you were to get the kills in a few days is he claimable now?

I think you get him at the end of season 4 if you get 6k kills between now and then and yes he’s just a scion with red colored crystals

The crystals have an animated texture, they kind of glisten/shine. They showed the diamond one on a stream and I asked if the ruby one is animated in the same way and they said yes.

Already 10% there and it ain’t even Sunday yet :joy:

He will be claimable after the next title update, which is in a few weeks.

Hi guys, there is a way to see the progress of the SCION RUBY Challenge?

yeap load up gears and then go to theAchievement list that is loacked it should be at very bottom of the list :smiley:

Would you happen to have a link to stream?

where is this information about the title update coming from?

Diamond Scion is abut 1 hour 16 minutes in.

What do you mean?

Well…it’s OK. I’m glad they gave us a character and the challenge to get said character.

Wish it was just a little cooler looking. I personally think the scions look cognitively challenged, but in a not cool way.

But I’ll be grinding away. :+1:

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I agree, but I won’t be going for it personally. I do like the look of the Ruby Scion but Scions in general aren’t my favorite of the Swarm.

I do think it’s cool that the Ruby/Diamond parts of the Scion “move” like the Diamond skin though.