Is the Ranking System Truly unfair? Or Are You in Denial? - Journey to Diamond

Before I start, I just want to state, I too have had many complaints about the ranking system in Gears of War 4. Just view my Topic History, in fact, getting to Diamond is even more difficult considering I play on PC and the game constantly crashes,

Nevertheless, I remember when I was having problems getting out of the dreaded “ONYX 3”. But my friend, who was at the time a diamond 2. Told me, “Don’t worry bro, you’ll get there eventually because you’re actually good”.

Since then, achieving Diamond has been fairly easy for me. The question is, how have I surpassed so many people stuck in Onyx 3 since the Summer of this Year to now fall? On a new account that I only made about 5 to 6 weeks ago?

Let us get some theories out the way:

  1. "People Grind at the Start of the Season and hold their Diamond Stops without playing the game."
    False, I have made newer accounts only a month old and have achieved Diamond spots.

  2. The Ranking is based off your passing stats and win %, low KD players have a harder time moving up."
    False, I was able to bring me first account ever, playing Gears 4 to a Diamond 1 in two weeks once I relogged back into it. My KD on that account was 1.21 at the start.

  3. You can only get to Diamond running 5 mans.
    False, you CAN get to Diamond solo, just don’t expect to hold it long. However, it is preferred you get put on a full squad.

I understand there are limited spots for Diamond, and I get that some people don’t rank up after beating higher ranked players or winning MVP. But there are two sides to every coin, two sides to every story. Because in no way shape or form should an Onyx 3 player that plays for 4-7 hours a day (early in the morning or after work - accumulative) that’s been Onyx for several months, get surpassed by a someone who created a new account in 3 weeks.

Because let’s be real here, Players that are diamond WILL BE diamond, no matter if it’s 50 games or 200. That was something that I had to accept as well when I was Onyx 3, my celling was always in the High 70’s to low 80’s as far as %.

But I took upon myself to recognize, I have to start performing beyond BETTER, I have to DO MORE. If I ever want to receive the rank up I felt I deserved.

This is my main account, my primary. I started up with this account on the console, my KD was 1.44 at the time, Since then my KD has risen, I primarily play on Squads on this account.

This was my first account, my first account on Gears. However, I opted to use again to test the theory, “It’s harder to move up for older or low KD accounts”. My old KD was 1.22 - started on Console with 11,000 of my kills lol . On my quest to Diamond, It went up a little, I primarily played solo on this account, and even played with some against some members in the forums on it. Playing Solo is quite the challenge. Past KD has nothing to do with the rank progression of a player for a new season.

My new account I started to test the theory, " People get Diamond early in the Season and then hold their spot making it harder for others to move up." This account is a little over 5 weeks old,. This is my first account playing where my stats are all on PC. Yes, I do play with a controller.

If I see two ONYX 3’s, it’s very easy to tell the difference between the one will be ONYX 3 till the end of the season and the One who’ll eventually be Diamond.

After achieving Diamond on so many accounts, I started to think to myself, wow, maybe the ranking System is working as intended according to TC. Mind you on every account, I did have 8 to 15 game droughts were I received no rank up, but I still eventually achieved Diamond.

TL:DR: Some people have to recognize maybe you really are an ONYX 3 level player. Unless you’re able to go beyond your ceiling and tap into that extra Gear…then you’ll achieve the rank up you’ve been chasing.


Don’t have much to argue about other than when you mention new accounts, you seem to be overlooking the fact that a new account may rank up faster/higher than one that’s been at a certain rank for weeks/months. Someone who is potentially Diamond level but is stuck at Onyx 3 might rank to Diamond much faster than trying to work against hundreds of matches that are already in the books.

When I play on my alts, I always hit a higher rank, faster than on my main. Which is kind of annoying because I mostly just use them when I’m playing with casual players that can’t hang in higher level lobbies.

I agree with the general sentiment though that if someone is perpetually stuck at a certain rank, they need to take an honest look at their performance and habits in the game.

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I feel like this whole thread is completed voided… because you’re playing TDM and you’re playing on the PC.

I’ve been playing KOTH (solo) on the rare occasion this season. I was placed in the low gold tier due to people quitting in all the placement matches. I’ve got it back up to Onyx2 (diamond rank in the past).

However, I’ve noticed I’ve rarely seen any diamond players in game… what I have seen is a tonne of smurf accounts though. Therefore some people have diamond rank on their main accounts and are just sitting on it, playing on another account so they don’t lose it.


I don’t even know why people care about ranks…but yeah the ranking system isn’t unfair or broken…It’s actually both


No the ranking system is unfair and this is coming from someone who has gotten everything Diamond 5 this season bar Dodgeball.

I was playing Escalation with my stack and we played for hours. We never gained (I’m D4 now, mainly due to leaving when down a teammate), even though most games were a quick 7-0.

We ran into a team we just beat the previous game, after two rounds three of them quit. So I just decidedto not kill them, and we obviously 7-0 them. I gained 3% after that. The ranking system does not work for Escalation.

Someone who only gets two kills a round could be the reason your team is winning. That’s not reflected on the score board.

The game is choosing to match me with these players and I’m not gaining when I beat them. What’s the point in playing then? Every other mode has been fine for me, but there are even European pros who aren’t Diamond in Escalation because the ranking system doesn’t work for it.


I was trying to show that isn’t necessarily the case by showing my first account (the one covered up)
On that account, I primarily played solo which I believe is even more challenging and I was still able to hit Diamond, about 250 matches played this season.

All I can honestly say, I definitely was hit with some hard losses on that account playing solo is frustrating on top of my game freezing…

Congrats. Well done.

They way I see it

two of your accounts has around 900 matches

on all accounts you practically lost no matches. Your win % is too high. Not sure how many are MVPs or consistent top 3 players (i guess 90% matches) ?

So players create new accounts to “start fresh”? Does it not make more sense to have one single account and base your ranking off of your performances, good or bad? This is my opinion but it seems some get upset at their rank, and decide to start again to show everyone where they “truly” belong. No hate, just a few chuckles on my end. Reminds me of Golfing with certain friends… “Whack… That doesn’t count!” Lol.

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Not unfair or broken? :rofl: Have you checked out this post yet? There is six screen shots by @API on there and one by me.
Matchmaking Algorithm could use a lot of work

" I’m playing TDM and my k/d ratio seems to be higher than almost every diamond I see,"

“I’m mvp in over half of the wins. I think I’ve only seen one person on the entirety of the forums with better stats…”

Smh, dude has less than 100 (Probably 115 or 120 now) games and talks about having better stats than every Diamond he’s seen. Probably the most ignorant statement I’ve read all day. Not taking into the fact most players play a variety of gamemodes and considering 80% of the gears population plays like Horde bots anyway the transition from Horde to online isn’t as drastic as one would think. Heck, I often find bots giving me more of a difficult challenge than most human players haha.

Just send me a 1v1 invite and I have no problem humbling you and after I’m done, I’ll post the screenshot on this exact forum

… Avenge

No i mean it IS broken and unfair :grin:

Actually this is something I wanted to test. I heard that historical performance is taken into account, so…

When I started playing VS, first time EVER, I was playing purely KOTH,and I knew nothing about gnasher combat. I was all about breaking, capping, and walking around with the chainsaw. I died. A LOT. Which was fine, I didn’t care.

By the I started trying to actually learn and do better in combat, I had a deficit of well over 1500 deaths (my K/D was about 0.5). Since then I’ve pushed it to about .8, but it was stupidly difficult to get to Gold (I’m not diamond, I’m not onyx, I feel Gold 2/Gold 3 is about right NOW). But playing on that old account, with low K/D, with about a 50% win ratio, I found it INCREDIBLY hard to rank up, no matter how well I did…

I setup an account for my son to play pacman, and I thought, hey, lets try Gears.

Playing at the same current level of skill, with mostly the same team mates, sometimes solo, I got to Gold 1 in 32 games (lost the 33rd game, broke to Gold after 31 or 32 games).

So I find it very hard to believe that the account’s past performance isn’t being taken into account. In which case players who really improved are not being evaluated on their current performance. Not wholly.

I will contonue to play on this account, lets see how far I can go… I DO outscore onyx players all the time… Hey,maybe Onyx 1 isn’t totally out of the question… lol, just need to get better around half cover!!

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Rewards for wins once you hit a certain rank (D4 in my case on TDM) are too little, penalties for losing are too harsh. I had 8 games in a row with wins on TDM (2-0’d two D5s first game with mvp) & 6 of those games were MVP for me. I didn’t move up at all, I lose a game where I drop 24 kills and losing 2-1 that pushes me down 11%. I just don’t get it.



Hey, just noticed your tag. I played you in OSOK yesterday, gg.

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Keep in mind I only just started playing competitively 4 days ago for ranks, but I’m quite surprised at how slowly the bar progresses from the top of Onyx 3 to diamond. Considering I’m playing TDM and my k/d ratio seems to be higher than almost every diamond I see, it’s a bit unfortunate that I only get .5% a win.

Edit: In game stats showing I’m mvp in over half of the wins. I think I’ve only seen one person on the entirety of the forums with better stats…

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You have a nice K/D ratio for just now starting to get into ranked versus. You must have been playing a lot of the social and or horde to get to a re-up 9.

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Ton of horde. Like, an obscene amount of it. It’s what I got the game for. My rank is too high to play with my friends in siege or overwatch so if they want interaction we’ll play horde.

That’s how it should be as your stats will still heavily be affected by beating up inferior players as you climbed the lower ranks. 93 matches is a small sample size.


That’s only one piece of info though. There are players that stop playing to maintain their rank, but it’s probably only a small number. Others in the lower end of the diamond rank, and those that continue to play could move in and out of the diamond tier making it possible for another to take their place.

Also, with the multiple levels added to diamond, there may now be less dormancy; since, just reaching that level is no longer the pinnacle of the rank tiers.

Exactly this. He’s trying to get everyone excited about swimming in the shallow end and making a “Splash”. You’re really obnoxious Christ_Commando, I hope we meet on the battlefield soon.