Is the Ranking system of gears 5 gona stay like this for the next few years?

Can someone tell me if the Ranking system is realy going to stay the way it is for the next few years? Im not realy into other games on Xbox and didn’t play something else then gears the last 5 years. But with this ranking system i am realy not motivatet to play this game, reather to switch my xbox on. So does someone know if its realy going to stay like this, or is there any possibility that the Ranking System will finde his way back to how it use to be? Otherwise i have to figure out if its time to sell my Xbox and switch to Play Station after 12 years of Gears.

Yeah this won’t change now. Leaderboards require next to no maintenance.


@So7_C4SH_M0N3Y Im not sure what sytem you.are referring to? The only system Im aware of now in ranked is the one that tracks “Who plays the most”. Their is no system that tracks skill of really any kind. Ill never earn.a gun skin in ranked ever again bc I cant devote 16 hours a day to.grinding control. G2theG

the game still has SBMM in Competitive

Cool, thx for replay. Time to look for a other gamei guess. To play with noobs all time just because i only play once or twice a week and stay at place 15’000 is absolutly no fun. But it seams that TC dont care about that. So i dont care about gears anymore. Se you guys in a different timeline again. Cheers

There’s background MMR. You aren’t going to play people based on your leaderboard positioning only. If you’re playing lower level competition then that’s reflected by your previous performances.

Funny my previous level was master in all modes, how comes i allways have nerds who dont even know what a ring is or how to pick up a power weapon? Lol

The skill based matchmaking tries to make the teams even, not each individual player.

Its somewhat similar to a sports team with a star player having teammates that are well beneath their skill level.

Cool, so why am i not happy about that my noob teammates are better ranked as i am? Its like a terrible nightmare witch never ends. So there are no targets to reach. Akzept of collecting weapon for a player like me? Ore play pve? Is that honestly all?!? Its like i bought a football and only allowed to play basketball with it. F…TC

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I get it’s frustrating. I wouldn’t be happy either.

Ideally TC would have all players in a lobby of simlar skill, but even when the GP system was around you could be a gold player and be up againt bronze one match and diamond the next, such was the lack of player population that TC needed to move to a +2/-2 system.

I feel for both the players and TC in this situation. Whatever they have done for ranking they have received a ton of complaints and there isn’t an easy solution that most players would be happy with.

Fairness is the only solution. U cant maje everyone happy. Thats impossible. But it could be fair. Like it was on Gow4 with the ranking system. Hard but fair.

That isn’t actually a ranking system, that is a vague idea. What one person considers fair another may not, that has been very evident with every ranking system TC has put in having a ton of negative feedback and people wanting very different solutions.

Completely agree :slight_smile:

The Gears 4 ranking system has an extreme amount of complaints, as evidenced by the main ranking thread, and there were plenty of other threads created to rage about it.

If it does make you feel better, I agree that the Gears 4 ranking system was hard but fair and people earned their ranks, whereas with the GP system it was like a leaderboard/ranking system hybrid with a low cost of entry and now with the pure leaderboard system it’s based almost entirely on how much you play.

For evidence of some of the Gears 4 ranking complaints and how much discussion it generated:


Wall of texting back.
Yes that is the point…sadly or not sadly as one sees it.

I get the point, but it fails in so many ways I’m not sure who at MS thought that was a good idea…
But it is what it is…I never played Gears 5 for the pvp so it’s only minor for me.

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Frankly the best way to skill gouche is to have only teams apply. Teams can work well on an Elo rating.
I do like the idea of a solo only queue but it will have the same problem as MS rating system has now, just minus the premade teams.

Despite all crying against it, the Ranking system generally worked well to keep the lower ranks from having to deal with masters and such.
It just fell apart at onyx rank basically as then it was a free for all.

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I think the problem here is that Gears just doesnt have the player population

Ideally though I agree with you :slight_smile:

Edit: To be clear I mean a “teams only” playlist and a “solo only” playlist,

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Yeah that is the common consensus :slight_smile:
I’m just unsure if a solo queue would really make people happy, it will still have to skill match.
And if it works like MS True skill system it can match a newcomer with a master as long as it’s the same on the opposite,
Generally a horrible experience for the newcomers.

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Gears 6 needs to have a visible Ranking system as well as a Leaderboard system.

The game also needs to appeal to more than just Gears players so we can make use of a ranking system which matches Gold players with other Gold players. Not matching them with basically all ranks.

If it has a decent size player base you can also have a solo only queue.

The elo system  was the best of botu worlds as a compromise. Was it perfect-No. But at least I felt like I had something  to work towards. It felt good to hit onyx...masters felt attainable If one was willing to put in a little work and stack up. I enjoyed having a gun skin to go after. The issue I have with leaderboards is that very simply I.dont have the time to put in to be a top 1000 player. Period. So I really have nothing that I want to play for. ....I find myself with no real motivation.sadly.