Is the Ranking System Designed To Annoy Players?

What the hell is going on? Every game I played this morning my ranking has dropped over a thousand points. The rounds I lose I gain points. The rounds I win and do well in I’m losing -450 points per round.

I don’t care if you’re masters saying it’s Points per minute blablabla. The reality is 90% of the player population are just losing tier points and over the past few days losing -1000 points every game until they are back to nothing.

We know when we play really well and we also know when we play bad. I know for a fact that I’m not a silver 2 top 88% player. I’ve wiped the floor with master players and I’m gobsmacked on how they’re even masters.

The current ranking system just completely demoralizes you as a player.

My story so far:

  • Reached Gold 3 top 1% within 3 days had 18,450 tier points and was on verge of ONYX

  • After recalibration fell to 9000 tier points

  • Built my self back up from 9000 tier points to 16,450 and reached Gold 1 within a few days.

  • Fell all the way down to 9800 again then built my self up to 13,500 points Silver 3.

  • In the last 2 days constant losing of hundreds of points and now have 7,426 tier points.

It doesn’t matter how well I play how much points per minute I get all that happens is me losing points.

I’ve tested the system and I’ve purposely played a game where I just die. In that game, I lose nowhere near as many points in games where I dominated. This whole Points Per Minute is BS. The ranking system is 100% completely broken. It might work for a small few, but it’s 100% got serious bugs.


Honestly none of my ranks have even changed once since I got out of placement matches. Which is weird as hell.

How do I check the numbers behind the ranks? When you say “I fell 9000 points”, where do you see those points? If it’s just in the end screen I always skip that.

How do I get MVP of a game and lose that many points? Not to mention this has went on for over 5-6 games I’ve played and I didn’t do bad on any of them even when the team lost and now I’ve dropped 2 tiers over it… what is this???

Ranked seems split between (a) players who are allowed to rank up and are then dropped multiple tiers without warning, and (b) players who cannot ever get positive rank points in order to rank up, even upon winning match MVP. Great system! Everyone loses equally in the end, but in differing ways!

I’m not doubting you, I’m just curious. What are your stats from ?

Can you post the relevant stats from the game mode in question? The whole stats image preferably.

I’m not doubting your skill or anything like that. I have friends in a similar situation and I’m trying to gather data to attempt to figure this out. I have a few leads on certain aspects, but need to see more stats to see if my theories are correct.

I’ve lost one friend from gears today over this (he won’t play until a fix or explanation is given by TC) and I’d prefer not to lose the 2 i have left :unamused:

Thanks if you want to help :+1:

Again, the same complaints from this community. This conversation would not be needed if the game was played the way it was intended.
I have played many matches since start… And 99% of them are rigged by the player base. There is no need to complain about ranking when the biggest issue is that gears pvp is not played by thecommunity the way the game was intended with 5v5 and rank in mind.
Every game… it is visually clear (in gameplay and end game scoreboards) that results are manufactured by giving kills/caps/breaks/objective/ROUNDS to the opposite team and vice versa… In essence,extending games unnecessarily to pad stats. The agreement between these individuals from opposite teams include giving MVP to the losing team (the main incentive)
THIS is why rank is broken. THIS is why the game is bland. The purpose is for everyone to want to win!! Not have an outcome already predetermined thru cheating… And then waste a great gametype for insignificant 1v1’s and situations for fake results lol
The saddest part is that it is done in every tier of the game. THIS is why Gears 1-3 (even with all the lag/sponging) feels better than gears 4&5… Because OG’s played the game. Solo/with a friend/5man… It didn’t matter. Everyone played their hardest and tried to beat every single player on the other team at every moment. Ya, some games went by fast…others were EPIC…regardless, it made you get better… And also
What went wrong first…? Online gaming or people…?

When the game ends you need to press (A) on the ranks tabs which will show details for each round. Your current rank, your points and how much loss/gained.

Also when you first go into Versus >> Ranked >> Playlists

Hover over the playlist you wish to look more into and press (X) this shows the tiers and overall position and points needed to rank up.

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So you’re not going to respond to my post and help after all, by sharing those stats? :unamused:

Thanks dude.

This UI hides so many things at the bottom of screens with X/Y.

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They are currently working on fixing this issue, the crazy negative points in a good game for rounds won has been happening to me too.


We have heard your feedback around Skill Rating results in Ranked, specifically around losing Skill Rating in certain situations, and our team are looking into this based on reports.

Status: Investigation Ongoing

We expect this process to take more time than other issues as we discuss design and analyze data based on your feedback. As we get updates, we’ll provide them here.


Investigation ongoing. No ETA as yet.

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Bit late now. I’ve been knocked all the the way down to 1,834 tier points. I’m playing against silvers, golds, ONYX , Diamonds and masters and getting MVP, Wins, Good KD, but by the looks of my tier points i should be trash. lol.

I can’t be effed to make my way up from here. Even when i first started with the 5 placement matches i was put at Silver 2. after it with 12,000 + points and worked my way up to over 18,450.

Can’t believe they just cut me right down. Soon i’ll be at 0 tier points.

Yeah im hoping they come up with a way to retroactively apply a correction and adjust everyones ranks to what they should actually be but that is likely just wishful thinking they need to come up with a fix first dont get why it would be so difficult to adjust the system to what it was like a week ago worked fine then.

No, no, no you got it wrong.

TC is helping you build character by telling you to get back on the horse when knocked down. You’re being forged in the crucible of battle my dawg!


The only problem is that they cut off your arms in the process, so you can’t actually get back on the horse :rofl:

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Ya, it makes no sense.

In regards to this, there was a comment last week that if you lost your first round, then winning the next rounds actually made you lose tons of points. Having observed my score over the last week, in regards to this, I think he has a point. I always drop massive on winning rounds IF the first round was lost. Wow. Serious bug if genuinely true.

Nah, it’s designed to let everyone share the feeling of being bad at Gears.

It’s about time really. Welcome to my level.

It is extremely asymmetrical, I find.

When I sweat my balls off, and kick ■■■, I will get 75-100 points…

When I lose, I will lose 200, 300, 400 points…

Onyx 2 in gears 4, Silver in gears 5, and dropping…

That’s ok, doesn’t bother me, no one can see your rank anyway…

It most certainly is true. All of my friends have experienced it and there are countless posts on it.

You need to make winning that first round a huge priority until TC fixes this (if they do…)

That’s the most frustrating part of the system.

There should be a cap on losses. Losses should never be 2>4x as much as the realistic max gains.