Is the new versus tuning update releasing today/this week?

So has it actually been confirmed if the update is releasing this week?

Sounds more like we’re getting details this week rather than the actual update.

Octus said they’ll post details on that this morning.


Thanks dude. Hoping that means it’s also releasing this week and it’s not another long wait.

I wanna just get really good at one tuning. Getting tired of all the changes. Hopefully this is the last major one for the foreseeable future.

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Why is my experience so good compared to everyone complaining? It’s not like my connection is blazing fast. 20 download speed and average between 50-70 ping per match. And yet, shots register fine.

My experience has been fine. I just dont like the constant changes in gameplay. I personally wouldn’t even mind if it remained the way it is now, but they need to stick to it. By the end of Operation 2 I felt like things were in a pretty decent place, but they made a bunch of changes in Operation 3 yet again. They only needed a few tweaks here and there but they instead made a bunch of major changes.

Hopefully this is the last one for a while.

See that’s another thing. I haven’t felt any of these changes either. I feel like it’s still the same as it was in OP2 even though on paper I can see they made tuning changes.

It’s definitely slowed down a bit, and that’s coming from someone who typically doesn’t nit pick with tuning changes. It could just be the after effect of the speed boost getting toned down, but it feels like it’s more than that. And based on community feedback it doesn’t appear to be placebo effect.

Once again, I’m fine if it stays this way, but they need to stick to it. Clearly they are not as more changes are coming. It’s been one of my major gripes with TC since Gears 4. Too many changes, too many tunings.

I would be right there with the forum folk with my protest sign and chanting if I could see any evidence for these complaints on my end but I don’t.

My experience leads me to believe that these issues are happening on an individual basis due to some other variable and not from The Coalition. They’ve made a lot of design choices I hate including restricting horde to one of each hero per lobby, Escape as an entire concept, terrible RNG for skill cards, lack of quality of life features like no war journal, User Interface bugs, etc.

But when it comes to PvP I have no gripes. Except matchmaking. Which is in no way skill based in my experience.

Fair enough. Generally speaking I have been fine with PVP as well. My issues aren’t with performance, but with the constant changes.

Today’s update should hopefully clarify exactly what they changed from Operation 2 and shed some light on this.

Closing to keep it all in the announced thread.

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