Is The Level of Complaining About Every Gears Just Embarrassing?

Every Gears game is “uninstall”, “Bad” until the next one is released and the one that called bad is now the GOAT. This is embarrassing and removes credibility over genuine complaints. The community pwns itself with this immature behavior time over.



I’m sure by the time 6 comes out,

5 would actually have had enough updates, fixes and content to be considered a good Gears Game.

It’s just that we’re about 2-2.5 years away from that.


This is not exclusive to this game. It happens in others.


Gears 5 from the time it got released to now, it has experienced a lot of improvement.

It just the map scarcity that is bothering .


It just wouldn’t be gears if we didn’t get together and drop a huge dump in the dev’s mouth. I’m actually kind of proud of the community, I haven’t noticed more than a handful of death threats to game devs.


hahahahaha did that happened ? I mean I never saw that hahahaha :smile:

TO be fair, I haven’t seen any death threats on the forums for Gears 5 (I doubt the mods would stand for it) but I have seen some of the things people DMed to Cliff n Co. back in the day and it wasn’t pretty.

The difference is most complaints on Gears 5 are deserving and the decline in population also backs up the fact. The game is hurting right now but I do see it heading in the right direction.


Gears of War is still the best of the bunch. No other Gears has matched the fun I had with that.

Anyway, it’s just as much a reflection of game dev these days. Launch wth issues, fix over time. So really, it’s somewhat expected.

Yeah, that is amusing to see. Gears 4 is currently the bestiest bestest best evaarrrr hahaha. (In reality it was and is crap, imo.)


Well Gears 2 was actually uninstall-worthy bad for a long, long time. It launched bad and played bad, it had updates that broke more things than fixed and there was genuine disconnect between the desires of the developer and those of the community.

Gears 3, at its worst, was not. It had problems and Epic not listening about weapon balance or outright not knowing how to fix things like the mantle glitch… but overall a far superior game to Gears 2.

GoWJ was just a ■■■■ game. Brought two-piece back, then gave birth to the reverse two-piece. No roster, red vs blue, horrible gameplay and mechanic changes. The game used to jitter all the time too. Looked cartoony and played worse. Genuinly a betrayal to the series in many ways.

GoW UE was excellent. Most complaints were ppl who never got to experince GoW1 or GoW1 purists who convinced themselves this game wasnt it. There were a lot of people who were GoW3 players, who put in hours on that game or even started on it, who simply couldn’t wrap their minds around UE. I think it was the best game we’ve had from the franchise all gen lol.

GoW4 felt very soulless. Robots are boring and that was 90% of Horde and Campaign. The new characters were awful, Oscar skins for days and an endless grind for content. That said mechanically it was one of the best games we’ve had in the franchise.

GoW5 launched broken, has a horrible roster, takes years to get content, breaks more than it fixes and in an era of gaming where first impressions are everything, it pulled a diet GoW2 to the horror of everyone.


I dont understand why some people hate the new characters so much when they have more … well … character, than those in the first game. Writing and voice actors got much better over the years. I love gears 1 through 3, but if you look at 1 on it’s own, theres very little character development. The books and sequels fleshed out Delta, but by the end of 1 we still didn’t know really why Marcus was in Jail, I didn’t like Dom until 2, Cole and Baird were also just squad fillers.

The darker tone and atmosphere were great for marketing, but ultimately 4 had a much better introduction to the characters, and they all feel more complete.


Well that’s because the characters were just not interesting. I won’t even get into the design aspect visually but just focus on their narrative.

Isolate Gears 4 to itself and examine the characters. They are lukewarm at best. Nothing pulls you in, nothing makes them stand out. GoW4 played it safe in all ways possible, down to the personalities of the characters.

  • JD was basically Nathan Drake, except he was meant to be a soldier in a war against monsters and the son of a war hero and legend, not video-game indinana Jones. It’s not even that he had a sense of humor, the dude just comes across as basic as can be. Never do we get a real feel for how he feels being Marcus’ son, or if being a Gear is something he took pride in. Never do we get to learn about his convictions as someone raised by war hero parents, of losing his mother, of his estrangement to his legendary father.

Instead hes a vehicle for the player, otherwise as neutral to things as one can be. Occassionally makes a witty joke (but not too witty, his personality might change) and goes back to being generic “leader guy”. My dudes tempo was permanently set to 5, never to come across dickish or heroic.

He definetly got better in Gears 5 though, but I think it’s horrible that he had to lose his protagonist status in order for TC to write him better. Def my favorite character in 5.

  • Del is Dom but without any of the charm or genuine chemistry displayed by Marcus and Dom. I mean by the 2nd game, Dom was heavily characterized and given motivations. Del wasnt. Hell, by the first game, you knew Dom had layers and he was looking for someone close to him. With Del, he’s not his own person. The dude is being given the Finn treatment, where a supposed badass (both he and JD are supposed to be special forces) is rendered as the comic relief and their roles reverted to sidekick.

But Dom was as much his own character. He did things, he said things, he had personality and his own input. Dom was in every sense of the word, the co-op player and given as much importance to the surrounding.

What do you know about Del that makes you care beyond him being a bland sidekick in 4? What do you even learn about the guy in Gears 4? Nothing.

  • Kait was, imo, the best one of the trio in Gears 4. She at least played the role of obvious looming love interest and female character well. She shows more depth of emotion than JD and especially Del. We get her motivations, we see her as headstrong.

Obviously she wasn’t amazing but as far as new characters, she was good. Some hated her, I actually thought she held her own in a new Gears world.

So voice acting and motion capture and better graphics may make them better on paper. And even the writing being less dude-bro may make them seem like they’re more realistic… but as memorable characters with personalities that you can see, they don’t have it.

I think the best way I can put this :

GoW1 did its era perfect, GoW4 did its era badly.

Back in 2006, the way Delta Squad was introduced was perfect. You got an intense burst right away of their personalities and what type of character they were and then throughout the game, you learned more.

GoW4 didn’t do it nearly as good in contrast to games of this era where the slow, steady burn is what people expect, even from shooters. A Last of Us, GoW4 was not. A Uncharted 4, GoW4 was not. A God of War, Gears 4 was not.


Kinda like how Gears 4 went. By the end I actually didn’t have much of a problem with any aspect of the game (minus the PC crashing issue) but it was a bit of a bumpy ride getting there.


I love the Doomcock reference.
Gears 4 is now “the bestest evar”!

Gears 5 has given us one of the truly top notch characters for years to come: THE BIG MAC . !!

I don’t understand man @S_IK_O_IR_G_E I usually like your comments but this time this wasn’t on point and you know that :smile:

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Actually, no. It’s not embarrassing.

Yes, there has been much complaining about each title in the past but Gears 5 has set the bar for the most disappointing and controversial sequel yet, going against multiple Gears traditions and all but killing the fanbase.

Maybe it’ll be good in a few years. Maybe. It’s doubtful. It may be bearable, but we’ll see. Serious damage has already been done and only recently has TC stopped being distant and came forward with a “plan” to try and fix the general gameplay.

With all of its amateurish faults, rectified or not, this game is little more than a glorified Live Beta.


when you said this man, I know you truly are THE BATMAN


It’s a past time. Don’t mess with it lol

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I loved Gears 4 and had 0 complaints. Loved it so much that I bought 5 on pre-release the minute it became available.
I’ve learned to live with a lot of the downsides to 5 so the over the top emo people are a little over stating things but when I play a match and get a bunch of cards that I can’t use I feel like it’s a waste of time

I can agree with Del, but JD not only has more layers than Marcus, but brings more to Marcus’s character. Hes young and headstrong because he hasn’t ever had the losses and reality of war like his dad has,
I love all the characters ( well most, I didn’t care for Griffon) I wouldn’t read / consum everything they put out otherwise, but I’m happy with the new cast of characters, my only concern at this point is 5s ending