Is the laser barriers worth building or should I stick to razor wire like in Gears 3?

I’ve just started playing gears 5, I’m used to playing gears of war 3 horde where laser wire is too expensive and gets destroyed instantly by maulers etc. Is it still the case in gears 5? Like should I stick to razor wire or is it better to upgrade all the way?

Level 1s and Level 2s are better than level 3s and Level 4s. Also the lower level barriers are way more cost effecient to build and repair.

Most use level 3s to block things that enemies jump over which does nothing but hinder teammates.

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I hate this use of barriers.

Combat medic can repair barriers for free and so can robotics expert, with the correct cards equipped, but most people use multiple lvl1/2 barriers vertical and not a single barrier across a pathway.

Welcome to gears 5 have fun and enjoy, be prepared for 100s of idiot teammates you will come across.

Me personally I prefer lvl 1 barriers when I’m playing RE and it doesn’t cost much.

The reason why I don’t like lvl 2 is because most of the times my shots get in the way and it cost expensive (especially when I’m playing RE)

Also, it does help when you have good combat medic with repair card, very helpful for mechanic because they wouldn’t have to touch the repair tool.

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I’m a firm believer in engineers engineering however they feel they can best help the current team makeup and situation, but it’s true that most with experience don’t find a lot of use for L3 or L4 barriers.
There are also claims that L3+ barriers break melee lock-on, though I can’t personally confirm (I’m not around L3+ barriers enough and not as frequent a melee class player to distinguish it from other buggy lock-ons/conclude that it doesn’t also apply to L2 barriers, for example).

It’s actually always bugged me that Horde has all these potential fortifications to be built-- 20 in Gears 5, if you count the 5 fortifications with 4 levels each-- but in reality I end up building probably a quarter of them, and some of those are just unavoidable level stepping stones to the “real” fortification you intend. For example, lockers are always taken to the max L4 for the speed boost, so the only reason why they spend any time at L1-L3 is we don’t have enough energy yet to upgrade.

If I were to estimate, I’d say:

  • Probably 75% of my non-repair energy is spent on L1 barriers, and especially if I’m playing Mechanic, they’ll almost always stay at that level (barring some non-engineer thinking they’re helping by upgrading) for the reasons listed above. But if we’ve got lots of late-game energy they might get upgraded.
  • Another 15% of my purchases are lockers, which I’ll upgrade to L4 as soon as feasible (15% makes it sound like they’re not always built, which isn’t true; they’re almost always built, but you only need so many to cover the other classes’ needs/desires, compared with L1 barriers that you could keep spamming until they’re impractical to maintain).
  • 7% of my purchase are shock sentries. Their only purpose is supplemental stunning/slowing, so upgrades are only about increasing the range at which they can do it, but they tend to be L2 if they’re built, or L4 if we’re really rolling in the energy.

The remaining 3% is probably split (not evenly) among:

  • Decoys - minimum level 2. In my experience, sometimes (infrequently) they turn out to be clutch in Gears 5, but they’re very hit-or-miss as to whether they’ll actually distract when & what you want them to, are a repair cost sink, and they do no meaningful damage compared to the slowing barriers, so I don’t usually bother until late-game energy surpluses
  • Forges - almost no one plays forging Jack anymore since the early operations, but if the rare one does get built, it will presumably be upgraded to L4 as soon as practical.
  • Machine gun sentries - largely useless obstructions at all levels when playing at high difficulties, I’ll only build L2 ones after we’ve got surplus energy and if there’s a confined space that needs a wider field of fire than shock sentries and/or warrants a flyer “alarm” system.

Just my personal opinion on which fortifications & levels are worth the engineer building. (If there is one and you’re not him/her, then you shouldn’t be building at all. :slight_smile: ) Also, as others indicated, things like having a good teammate Combat Medic with the Team Repair card can change my threshold at which I deem some fortifications too costly in time and/or energy to maintain.

Yes, provided you can take care of them. It can stop the enemies from shooting when they make contact, and lvl 4’s do more damage and have more health. They work best with mechanics because they can increase the health they have and lower their costs. When destroyed, if they have more health, they can be restored with higher health for the same cost.

They synergize particularly well with bullet sentries because it also keeps them in their field of vision as the enemies try to break through. Lvl 4’s bullet sentries also do the most damage, and if perked, they can be very strong.

Of course again, this is provided you can take care of them, so don’t just leave them and expect them to stop everything. It helps to shoot the enemies too before they can do too much damage. Rejects in particular have a high amount of health, but can be more easily destroyed by attacking weakpoints/ destroying limbs.

But it is generally easier to make the spikes first.

You shouldn’t make too many lvl4’s though, they work best at chokepoints.

People have already said it, but I’ll say it anyway.

The only time you should be building level 3/4 wires in Gears 5 is to block off spots where Juvies and other enemies tend to jump through. They are, at base values, absolutely pitiful and get destroyed in a few bashes by basic drone enemies or like a single Sire(which are stupidly spongy for what they are but different matter). I’ve never seen them work in basically any setup*. Just go with level 1s/2s. 1s preferably since they are the cheapest and don’t obstruct line of fire in any meaningful way, most of the time.

*An exception is a Mechanic build dedicated to making the barriers uber tough which leaves little space for anything else useful that the class has to offer so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to a new player.

Also fully agree with this :

I hated that TCs efforts at “balance” from Gears 5 launch have actually resulted in the large majority of the fortifications and their levels becoming effectively useless. The lockers are one of the worst examples where in Gears 4 I could plonk a 19 round Dropshot with 3-4 shots left on a locker with overclock during the pause timer even if it was level 2/3, and have it back full by the time the wave starts. In 5, I would barely have one round from a level 4 overclocked in that same time while the max ammo you’ll ever get for the weapon is 8 shots with the ammo capacity perk.

MG sentries being the other obvious thing. I get that they were over the top in 4 and were spammed to a ridiculous degree by certain engineers who only cared about making the game go on autopilot and run itself, but they’re basically just glorified peashooters in 5. The only time I have ever seen them do anything is if 3 level 4s were parked in a lane with a ton of barriers in front of them so no enemy other than flyers could ever get past them. Or when everyone but Jack in the early days of 5 Horde was dead because of double Sentinel spam on wave 45 and one of them camped out in front of three level 4 sentries without even firing back or attempting to get out of their line of fire while they chipped away at its health.

One of the reasons I dislike engineering in 5 is that it’s so super one dimensional. Every match is just plop down barriers everywhere where necessary or useful, build a few lockers to level 3/4 and see if the stupid power drain modifier(more often present than not for dailies worth playing, and always in non daily Frenzy/50) has left you with any power to build the completely accessory and often not that useful other forts, which is most often shock sentries if anything.

Level 1s are the best they hold of Enemys without blocking shots, i tend to build lvl3s behind a ton of lvl 1s later on (talking 50s here) as a last defense.

Lvl2 are just not worth it unless there’s a daily with poison-enemys where (for some odd reason) you have to build them because those poision puddles are poorly designed(?)


Level 2s drive me crazy since like many have mentioned, they block shots. 3s and 4s blocking melee lunge is annoying too and can cuck you.


Everytime i see someone upgrade my lvl 1 when i’m engineer i go ballistics. AND ASK WHY ARE PEOPLE SO OBSSESED WITH LVL2’s!?

Upgrading the engineer’s stuff is made worse when the engineer is mechanic. The more health card deactivates if someone else buys or upgrades the mechanic’s stuff.


Same with the Perks always great to see someone turn a 6000HP barrier into a 5000 :joy:

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For people that don’t understand the mechanics of the game, I simply believe people think they look tougher and more damaging in appearance.

The visual appeal is definitely there.

I tend to think level 4 barriers look cool. Normally a waste, but who doesn’t like lasers?


If the person that did the upgrading has building HP perk upgraded, does that carry over?

I personally just spam level 1 wires in high traffic areas. Level 2 wires may come in handy if you’re playing something like Architect which get really weak buildings since the only way to get more building HP is to spend your energy on the HP perk.

I find level 3 or level 4 wires should be built only if your team has enough of what they need already. Level 1 barriers slowing down the major entrances, a locker or two if they need it…they can be handy as a last resort to seal off your base and offer extra security, especially on days with ghost enemies, triple HP enemies, or aggressive enemies, since they can buy you more time. Since they’re expensive and take forever to repair, they mostly have use on maps where there’s only a few entrances to the base, like on Forge, Turbine, or Abyss; especially this final one since the map is very small, so buying them to keep them out of the area closest to your base is something I find works rather well.

Ghost enemies tend to slip by people’s awareness, triple HP enemies just take a long time to kill and aggressive enemies rush down your base. A warden is forced to break through the electric or laser wire before they can get in your base, which can buy you valuable time. They will also slightly delay things like snatchers or matriarchs (and I think carriers), which will have to break the barrier first (in a few hits), and matriachs get stunned when attempting to run through a level 3 or 4 barrier, breaking it.\

As mentioned by another user, if placed next to a piece of cover that enemies can vault over, this can prevent them from doing so, however it also stops you from doing so unless the barrier is deactivated by another player standing next to it. It still has it’s uses though, such as the windows in the center building on Ephyra, or the one-way drops on the sides of Allfathers Arena, which juvies and I think sires can climb up into your base.

I’ve come across one player that built lots of electric wire to block off major access routes to our base instead of using lots of level 1 wires, but that’s really the only time I can think of it happening, on River, I believe. It worked, but I can’t speak for its effectiveness on other maps since it’s a single match. They layered multiple electric wires to make the enemy break through them first/stop shooting to reach us instead of slowing them down normally. They took forever to break, so I assume they were playing a mechanic with both HP cards and reduced damage cards.

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I believe the perks influence the fortifications that were made by the perker. So if I as a mechanic make something, and another player makes their own thing, and I perk, the perk will only influence what I built. Seeing as how the mechanic can make the strongest things, it’s probably a good idea to have them build unless there is a large power pool or something and the base is already set up.

It does stack. So the card + perks gives more health for fortifications.