Is the gears ESports Supporter pack coming back?

I was kind of planning to spend money on this game then BAM, the ESport supporter pack is gone . I was dissapointed because then, I was looking forward to getting ANY Black Steel character. So ESports Supporter pack 9?

it will return wednesday when fight night/all access returns

alright, thank.

They will be or should be back Wed

Yeah eSports packs are almost always available for a 24 hour period on Wednesdays to coincide with the live streams. Most of them are Fight Night events. The packs go live at the usual times - 10am PST; 1pm EST; 6pm GMT.

There are sometimes other times that eSport packs are available but it’s always coincided with an event of some sort. The main ones are the eSport tournaments. The next one is the New Orleans one from 13-15 July and the pack will be available for the whole weekend.

Also as an FYI, there tends to be 2-3 months between each eSports pack. Once a new one is released TC tends to focus on promoting that and all older packs are rarely available thereafter. eSports 9 came out in early May so eSports 10 will probably be released in early August (this is a guess).

I’m hoping for eSports Pack 10 soon …

Most Wednesdays you can find the Esport Supporter Packs in the store and during the Major events all weekend. Next major is July 13-15th but look for it in the store tomorrow. Fight Night Wednesday! Hype!

I’d like another shot at Savage Kantus.

35 packs and couldn’t get him :sob:

I feel like they only release these things once a month, for a couple hours. I’d think they’d release them a little more often to help support eSports. On the other hand, since they are rare it feels kind of exclusive