Is the game getting worse, with each update

Is it just me or the game is getting worse. I think the gears 5 beta was better. I mean the game play. Im about to quit playing multiplayer for good.


Same, I’m probably not going to touch the PvP with a 10-foot pole in Operation 2. I still like Escape a lot and if they improve Horde, I might get back to it, but the PvP…I think I’m done.

Well TU2 is here soon. I will reserve my final judgement until then, even though so far they have been a bunch of useless, dribbling incompetents in regards to game play, lag, teleporting, the stability of the game, sound effects etc.

I do think a lot of people in TC must be very worried if they ■■■■ this update up. If they do then heads must roll. Rod Ferguson’s should be amongst them.


You mean Operation 2. TU2 already released. TU3 will probably come alongside Operation 2.

Of course. Every single update makes everything worse


It does feel like every update introduces more bugs.

Apologies. I did mean Operation 2.

Isn’t just you, I noticed the same. Escape is clunky, stupid, starting almost with bare hands and pistol with low ammo, the player movement trying to avoid juvies isn’t enough because they hit you very fast, no matter if you have skills. Is worse on Master.
Escalation mode is empty, I can’t find matches since months. Playing multilpayer in general is clunky. Quick matches are almost empty, filled with bots.
Horde is the same sh!@#t, I’m Re Up 17 but I’m hating this game more. I never imagined it happens. Gears is the franchise I love over the rest. I don’t agree with several decisions, but I’m hating more TC.
One last thing. The technical issues they don’t solve yet like random crashes. Nvidia admited in his forum but his solution is silly, I can’t change game priority from High to Normal, no matter if Windows account is the Admin or elevate the task manager with admin rights. It pisses me off.

Na its getin better the beta was trash and so was opening week

The Beta was bitterly disgusting and made an almighty crack in the glass resembling my hope for the future of this Franchise.

That crack has since grown.

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Multiplayer gameplay feels NOTHING like a Gears game to me… I don’ t know what it is, some kinda of weird alien hybrid between Gears 2 and CoD which was trying to be like Fortnite and PubB, while taking its MTX clues from EA and Bethesda…

I finished the first operation, have zero interest in subsequent operations… Going to give Outer Worlds a try next…

It certainly has since last update. Hit detection has just fallen off the map. I’ve had way too many “what the heck??” moments. It was like a night and day difference, from one day to the next.

It has to do with the gib range they made bigger. There is not shotgun dancing no more it’s all go for the one shot. It’s just a rush in and hope for the one shot.

There actually was a beta? From the issues I had with early access I got the impression this game wasn’t even finished when it was shipped out.

They nerf’d Flash.Lancer,Melee, no its getting better like every gears