Is the Freezing bullets modifier working as intended?

So i was playing the daily horde today and realized that the freezing mod made it so that grenadiers can freeze you in 1 shot. At first i thought i got shot by multiple grenadiers, but soon realized that not only can they 2 shoot you with the change at medium range, they can freeze you across the map. Honestly it can get really frustrating. I hope this is a bug, but in the case it doesn’t just be wary of freeze grenadiers, they are the new elite drones lol.

Well, I don’t know what to tell you. It would be a pretty pointless modifier if it was impossible under any circumstances for the grenadiers to actually freeze you before you go down. On the other hand, I happen to like pointless modifiers that increase the rewards without giving me more variables to keep track of.

I have no problem with them freezing people, it was a modifier before and i played around it, but the fact that they can freeze you across the map with a shotgun seems kind of crazy. For a sniper it makes sense to me because they only go for headshots, but a shotgun?

Look at the patch notes from today’s update. One of them was fixing the issue with the Freezing damage wasn’t doing the intended amount.

Now it’s actually doing the intended amount of freezing/damage; which is what you described. Freezing players from across the map with Shotguns…

As if freezing snipers weren’t enough to do this job. Another way to add unnecessary anger to the players…

yeah. Grenediers are to op now with the freeze modifier in “The Barracks” and “The Mist” :open_mouth: instant kill at more than 10 meters…

Same on the Choke (daily). I did not pay attention to this change although it was described in the patch notes.
Flash grenade is more than before our best friend.

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Have you tried the freezing grenadier mod in horde? Its a nightmare especially with the regular locust ones they take out a boltok hit you once to slow you down and again to freeze you then again to kill ya. I played horde awhile back on advanced with some randoms on reclaimed we had the freezing grenadier mod on and at the very top of the map sat to regular locust grenadiers. We had our infiltrator and blade master doing their thing out in the field and the rest of us were out in the garage area. The grenadiers whip out their boltoks and snipe us all from the top of the map. It’s a two shot shot to freeze someone three shot if you have stim. We got wiped in about 20 seconds after our blademaster and infiltrator died. Cause we got rushed by overkill grenadiers and mulcher scions.

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