Is the eu ping supposed to have been fixed at this point?

i thought i read on one of their whats up posts saying they have sorted the ping but it is getting progressivly worse it seems. a couple weeks ago it was around 80, and now its is 120

on all game types except tdm for me.

i know it isn’t because there isn’t enough people playing in my region because most of the time there is only one person with a reasonable ping

It had improved last week and early part of this week, but has been naff since mid week again

I’m not to sure what’s going on, (UK) I go from 20 one game to 200 the next. Are we getting put onto other servers because of the lack of players ?

I dont think so because most of the time for the majority of the players I’m playing with are EU but in the us servers.

There will only be one guy with like 20 ping

It’s great in the afternoon but then at six o’clock TC flick a switch and Bang 100-150 ping Great!! I only play quick play any arcade because Ranked is just not worth it with that ping. Please TC fix this I’m just do fed up with it

A Message To Our Players

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I think they should add somewhere on the scoreboard in-game which server you’re placed in, as I suspect lack of players in certain regions is the reason why they’re getting into high pinged matches. That way it’ll remove all confusion to the player as to why the ping is so high. Maybe even add an active playercount next to each server list in the options menu.

But then again, TC adding something to the game may not be such a great idea, seeing their current track record when doing so…

EDIT: NVM, @x_ShadowsBane_x posted a link that clears things up a bit.

Yes but Europe .UK ,France,Germany,Italy, Belgium, and a few more my geography is rubbish sorry but we must have servers somewhere in Europe not just American because that’s where we end up.

There are servers based in Europe but there are servers issues within the game as outlined in the screenshot I posted right above your post. So y’all are going to have to wait for a fix unfortunately.

It’s great that they’re addressing these problems, thanks for the update mate

Thank @x_ShadowsBane_x too, he posted the link. On second thought, I’ll take all the credit. :grin:

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Me and my mates are all from the UK and we can count on one hand how many games we’ve had on an EU server in ranked. 90+ ping all the time.

He must have seen this post :joy::joy:

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At the start it was a mess which was is something I expected and was continuously kicked from one game after another. It balanced itself out after maybe a week and a few days. Got solid games in and no lag or kicks for a while and now its gone back to the way it was. The last week alone I have continued to get connection to gears services is unavailable and then it comes back later on but my connection to xbox live is solid and my internet speed could be running more smoothly. I was playing other games online while this was happening in gears and not once did I get kicked or get any lag. If its not sorted out its going to be an uninstall job because I cant do anything other than play the campaign.

Edit: Tried playing today. Gears services went down 7 times. 7 games both in public and private and still the services are going on and off for me.

I played gears 4 right up till the release of gears 5, the playerbase must have been relatively small but I always had reasonable ping, 30 or else, no matter what game mode I played.

This game (5) was released 5-6 weeks ago and I can count on one hand the amount of ranked games I’ve played on an EU server, most of them have been 100 ping or more on NA servers. But, if I play quick play I’m always at 30 ping, so the servers are there, why are they only effective in quick play? That makes no sense to me at all.

They’ve said it’s a ‘high priority’ and they ‘might have identified the problem’ and ‘there could be a solution sometime soon’ …what does that mean? They said the same thing 3 weeks ago and nothing has changed since.

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