Is the E sports kait challenge over?

Is the challenge over ? Or is there still a chance to get her ? I really want the skin, but i read it wrong and thought i had to wait until september, anyway thank u

The challenge is very clear?

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Well apparently it’s not clear enough to some people.





I concur my friend

Remember those commercials that emphasized how fundamental reading was


Hooked On Phonics works supposedly too.

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Some of my favourite reading / writing / grammar faux pas:

  1. Punctuation:

“Jesus Christ! Were you born in a barn?!”

“Jesus Christ, were you born in a barn?”

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Instead of being jerks how come none of you want to help?

It may or may not be over for you TC, depends on where you are, what month is it for you in your area?

I don’t believe time zones are spread that far apart…


To be totally fair, the challenge requirements were outlined in a very clear manner. If the OP had trouble reading and understanding it, I’m not sure if posting pretty much the same explanation would help given that it didn’t first time around. The OP even says that they read it wrong in their very first post, so I don’t know why they didn’t decide to… you know… re-read it and get it right or something?

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Recently some well known Gears Content creators were gifted the Esports Kait early this may have caused some confusion

Wow no wonder this site is terrible, toxic

Welcome to the internet. It’s not the site thats toxic nor is it a bad one. All you had to do is just read. Do not blame others for your mistakes.

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All the information can be found over at

Closing this.

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