Is the campaign still broken? Are the achievements still not unlocking?

So I have a question for you guys on a subject? I just got done with a solo run on insane on gears 4 and I’m tryna replay gears 5 on insane but don’t want to make progress if I’m never going to be able to unlock the achievements for insane. I already beat 5 on experienced during early release and still haven’t received my achievements when claimed “it’s being fixed” should I just hold off? Or am I go too go for my insane run? Thanks guys🙃

I can confirm it’s not fixed. I did not get the achievements still. I have proof that the game was beat on insane based on the ratings for every act that I have played. Yes, final boss is defeated included. No achievements for the hard work I made. I play every gears game campaign on insane to unlock the achievement. Back in the day, there was skins to unlock for beating campaign on insane. Now it’s just a buggy mess. I’m disappointed. Sorry guys, good game but I’ve seen better.

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Thanks for letting me know. I guess I’ll just play through it for the hell of it and I guess try to find a way to maintain proof of completion for insane just in case it still does not pop the achievement. Hopefully they fix it soon because all of these problems are starting too get real ridiculous now. Not like it matters to them but they are about to lose a pretty penny when most of the playerbase is depleted due too majority of these bugs still not fixed. Dayone patch should have fixed campaign problems but we got broken promises instead. Hopefully next operation update addresses the community rants and turns things around for the sake of the fan base…

Nope, I finished the whole campaign and can select every single chapter in every single act and my achievement is 76%. Been that way since first week.

This is so weird i got the achievement but everyone else it seems cant get it to pop. Dont worry my play through on insane was not clean. Tons of soft lock bugs and glitched enemies etc. But i just find it strange my achievement unlocked but tons of other people didnt get theirs. Im on xbox btw not sure if its PC specific bug or its cross platform. It just
sucks when someone does all that work and gets nothing.

It’s a problem on Xbox. I play Xbox so I will confirm.

Mine is still bugged too. Gonna put this game “on the shelf” for a while.

So I logged into Gears 5 today to try and get a quick MP achievement for the rewards quest and my campaign achievement finally popped…

There is my Christmas miracle. :rofl: