Is TC trying to throw us a bone on a new map for operation 5?

Saw this on Twitter. Number 2 seems a little tricky.


Number 5. The central platform with the pipe is very reminiscent of that exact area on Reactor.

4 looks like Icebound, at the top of the side buildings with the slides.

3 could be Exhibit.

Not sure about 1, could be District or Foundation. Absolutely can’t tell for 2. Could be Relic from Gears 4?

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I still haven’t guessed that one. I don’t think it’s a Gears 5 map.

  1. District
  2. ?
  3. Exhibit
  4. Icebound
  5. Reactor

#2 Almost has an Escalation vibe with the multiple staircases, but that obviously isn’t in Gears 5.

Maybe they were going for Allfather’s Arena?

The only old maps I can think of that have that similar layout of stairs as number 2 is Escalation, Overpass and Depths

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Relic or Vasgar,
Exhibit or that Halo map where the sword was always in the top center :laughing: ,
Asylum (the warning sign guarantees I’m wrong there) ?,

Fourth is Icebound. Go to the buildings on the side, with the elevated platforms and walkway.

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Aha…I gotta be wrong about relic too everything else is Gears 5, but it doesn’t exactly fit Vasgar either really

I think you’re right about #2 being Vasgar.

Okay, that was like… 5 minutes of fun pertaining to Gears 5… yay?

Can we play “Where’s Lizzie?” next? It’s sort of like “Where’s Waldo?” except we continue to wonder where the next Lizzie skin is hiding… :laughing:

Disclaimer - that Lizzie part is a joke from me. I sincerely don’t give two craps about character skins, especially when that is considered added value “content”


The reason I don’t think it’s Vasgar is because it doesn’t have double stairs.

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2 is a new map it’s the only one there that doesn’t look like a gears 5 map nor a remake I can think of


It kind of looks like gridlock if you eat enough mushrooms and listen to nine inch nails :laughing:

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I dont think it’s Depths but boy am I hopeful. I love that map.

2 is new as far as I can tell. It doesn’t match any map from 4 either.

Nah, TC prefers to release future content rather than teasing it.


Hmmm, # 2 reminds me of Jacinto map from gears of war 2.

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Old bones?!

why would you want them to ruin it? :pleading_face:

#2 gives me an Azura feeling for some reason.