Is TC Spoon Feeding?

Is TC Spoon feeding you?

Ok so far I love hate the tech test.
I’m warming to the feel but i dont like it, feels unnatural.

But that aside, I could help to notice some instances where it feels “to simple/un needed help”
For instance

  • the map weapon timers.
    Why, I understand its to help players see when a weapon will respawn. But why.
    It removes another “skill/game sence” from the game.
    It’s nice to swipe a weapon before the other team remember it’s on spawn. For me it’s a bit much on the dimming down for new players.

  • the slide to cover
    Ok a big one.
    Wall bouncing is a big part of gears, naturally people who cant “struggle” to bounce will kick up a fuss.
    It is an issue for play base in vs… I can see why.
    But nerf it isn’t the way forward, instead embrace it and add a wall bounce tutorial to the boot camp!
    Make them “noobs” learn a skill rather spoon feeding.

But what does a wall slide got to do with spoon feeding?
It’s clearly slow and clunky on purpose, to make a quick player easy to kill when they push.
No more quick slide and up A’s, it more of a slow motion trip to death by a bot walking level 1.
Just feels wrong to have a good skill dampened to make new players feel good even though they barely made an effort.

  • AR damage.
    Ever notice how new players naturally pick AR over gnasher. Then complain about the gnasher instead of picking it. Or even make an effort to change/improve play style and position .
    Well thanks to the new improved ARs this is not a problem ^.^
    As ARs shred at any range, further reducing the ability to push efficiently.
    Why? To give new players a chance.
    Again, why cant they learn the game rather than making the game super simple.

Im sure there is other examples like the gnasher delay and aim drag.
But these feel most apparent while playing.

Do you guys feel the same? Like the game is made so simple it feels like cheating, compared to gears 4?

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