Is TC silent or am I missing something?

so like Many others I went almost 2 weeks with no prog and useless boost. Ive looked over all social medias and see no word on compensation from TC on this. Actually I don’t even see any actual acknowledgement that it was fixed {thankful that it was} it’s like they care so little that they don’t even bother to say when something is fixed that was a pretty damn major issue
so anyway some boost or something for everyone would be kind of ok, eh? Or have you all decided to keep jamming us up the rear with your middle fingers?

Had it for so long now i barely feel it.


If you are looking for an actual statement, I think one of them actually commented in this forums once it was resolved. It was the standard “We have fixed this issue. Please restart your game” with no actual mention of it on their Twitter Page etc.

Now about providing any kind of Boost / something for people who got affected by it… Good luck with that :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT : Nope not even that. Master Progression Issue thread

That is the closest of even an acknowledgement from TC.


I hear ya. this game has screwed me every which way but loose yet I keep coming back so clearly I’m insane


If you don’t like it don’t play it.

I’m just here to give feedback & rant why I disagree.

Of course not here to badger, I complement them too sometimes.

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You are not alone, I’m giving them some leeway till OP7 is released but after that we can definetely make stuff hit the fan.

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If I don’t like it don’t play it–groundbreaking commentary from someone who literally says in the same breath that youre just here to rant and offer feedback, thanks. I guess when you have nothing useful to say on the subject at hand, snarky replies are a good substitute.

Feedback & playing are 2 different things.

Asking for a better game & playing what they feed you & still not enjoying it is totally different.

It’s good advice.

Don’t be sensitive.

Makes sense since I’m sure the few employees left dedicated to Gears 5 were busy with Op7 stuff. but im still baffled at the silence on something that was a really big deal to alot players. They’ve gone 2 ops without some kind of ‘hey let’s celebrate a new Op’ boost weekend or the rare holiday boost weekend or something. The lastfree boost I remember was in compensation for another screw up. Oh well

Well the let’s not celebrate whatever I can deal with, that is business.
That they don’t acknowledge that there needs to be a a compensation bothers me more.
But like I said I will give them that leeway.


I’m not sensitive, I just find it odd that you felt the need to even comment when it had nothing to do with the issue I brought up. Especially as someone who regularly does nothing but complain about the game’s/devs Social matters messaging, focus on diversity, etc. Whereas I asked a legit question on a legit recent issue and you had nothing to say.
You claim to not play any more so you probably weren’t affected by the progression bug, so just leave the thread alone. Youre a well known complainer, criticizer that claims to have put the game away so your presence here is baffling

TC has always had a problem with communication and to be fair, that applies to both negative and positive situations.

Escape Safe Room wait times were ultra high for no reason and the issue was present for many months. By the time they fixed it I was expecting confetti explosions all over the place yet not even a peep came from TC.

The previous Director of Communications was always clueless about everything and so far there is no replacement. We do have a new Senior Community Manager for some months now that has proven to be quite resourceful and while things have vastly improved communications wise, I’m not expecting radical changes in their communication policy for the time being.

Bottom line: nope you’re not missing anything, and regarding a hypothetical compensation, they barely acknowledged the issue in the first place so I highly doubt there will be one.


Might I hope you post in here.

If I post for boosting you know :stuck_out_tongue:
The thread not that specific post, man this forum is broken.

Fixed it for you.

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TC Silent

I knew it!

Confirmed @TSU_Silent

Ah, much better. For me :joy:

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