Is TC going to fix the versus lone wolfs VS full teams?

I am a lone player, I like to play alone most of the time because that is what I like, unfortunately most of the time I search for a match, 9/10 times I found a Full team playing in the other team… and all lone wolfs on my team… not even 2 players in the same team in mine.

Im okay with this usually, but lets face it, its almost imposible to beat a full team with communication.

my problem is: why the game is not even trying to put lone wofs vs lone wolfs and full teams vs full teams. Im okay if that happended 2-3 out of 10 matches but its happening almos everytime.

is this going to be fixed somehow? because at least for me… Free for all is the only playlist Im having fun…

Thanks 4 Reading!

In my honest opinion, well this is a Multiplayer game, the higher you go in the leaderboard the more skilled players you’ll find.

The higher the skills of players the more teamwork they will use to win.

Xbox even let’s you make posts on the official clubs to find people to play with, like hey if you like playing alone thats good but at some point it’s on you (anyone that likes playing alone), it’s not like the resources to find team mates aren’t available in the Xbox menu.


Sometimes they don’t even communicate. I can’t count how many times I’ve flanked a team and their teammates don’t warn them about me.

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Yeah people naturally assume that stacks are always giving expert call-outs and play together every day. Coming from someone who will only stack in ranked, this is 100% not close to being true. Just last week I was in a 4 stack with no mics.

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Meanwhile I have one that I never use most of the time lol only when I’m in a party… though did see your random friend request the other day, I look forward to playing someday :slight_smile:

If I 4 stack it’s normally 2 duos. I’m not very good with meeting new people…

Not every 4 stack is sweating every game calling everything out. You also have the LFG feature if you want friends to play with.

If you’re against a stack you recognise and don’t want to play against, you can Alt F4 before the game loads and not get banned :slight_smile:


No kidding😂


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One day we’ll get in a party lol😂


As said above, stacks aren’t always a guaranteed victory.

You’ll often find that they end up competing against each other, separating and making clumsy plays as each one of them always knows best.

It’s not all the time, but when it happens it’s fantastic to take advantage of and satisfying when they lose as a result.

how about replacing Quickplay FFA with a Mercenary playlist? (solo only queue, mode mashup)

maybe just put it in Ranked, what’s one more tile next to the 7 that are already there.

No they’re not — the system is designed to make you lose, and that’s what it’s going to do.

Maybe I’m alone with it but not communication makes a stack unbeatable but they are playing together know how move together and continuously concentrate on the game and each other. I play with stack too and we never use mic but we are good together. I’m worse when hear people speaks to me it’s distracting. I don’t need anyone tell me “behind you” bc I can hear it. And of course not all stack is unbeatable. I play solo too a lot of times and I don’t care if any stack comes against me either bc they have same chance to win like me just have to play properly. Its only my point maybe I’m wrong.

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Game is always best played with comms/mic :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Stacks normally will have communication, so it’s easier to be coordinated.

Stacks can also have more consistency in their teams,

But this isn’t always true,

Just from what I see mostly.

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I’d imagine TC would like to sort the stacks v solo issue but the player base simply isn’t big enough to do so.

As said stacks aren’t always top tier but from experience I’d say they are a large percentage of the time.

I play solo Control and get what the OP (like you I like my own company for the most part) is saying and do get peed off when I come up against a 3 of 4 stack, as that usually means a loss/heavy loss.

I know I’m putting the kiss of death on myself, but lately it seems to have been a lot better and I’m facing more solo players, with pretty even results. I win one, lose one etc. The pings is a totally different thing however :smiling_imp:

Saying that, I was invited to a team of 3 earlier this morning, I have played with 2 of them on a few occasions, anyway 4 of us but NO COMS, against 4 solo players and they stuffed us, it was actually embarrassing.

Half the time we are cracking jokes or listening to snubbs talk about his latest tiktik euro beat he found.

Also…stacks don’t matter


I don’t have those buttons on my controller…what controller or console do you use/have?

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A lovely yellow and purple Xbox One Controller! But I just use the keyboard when its time for screenshots or time to dodge. Just close the app silly :3

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