Is TC finally giving up?

Well I know this threat may get deleted but anyways here I go…
I’ve seeing that they are not giving us new content (new packs/characters) is because they just run out of ideas? and what’s up with asking us to make achievements? They can think on some more?? I don’t but that “contest”
On top of that the eSport pack 10 was a shame not animation whatsoever not even appealing to the eye … so there you go that’s my little rant"

The idea is for community engagement.


I don’t think it takes much effort to realise that they have said a few times now that they have shifted to Gears 5.

I think putting in a lot of new packs in this game when a lot of the playerbase has moved on (seriously, I play agaisnt the same people all the time now :sob::-1:) - just doesn’t make sense.

But I think it’s the right decision because with over a Year to go, I have high expectations for Gears 5 and they won’t happen by constantly bringing out pointless packs for 4.

I’m sure there’s a few more things to come but I don’t expect anything major - they have said it a few times now the majority of the team are working on 5.

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I wouldn’t say they’ve given up but with the new GOW games planned.for next year, GOW4 is not a priority anymore. Yet even though the game’s been out for over 18 months we still get updates and new stuff.

Gear Packs are less frequent, but they still happen. We used to get two per month (sometimes three if there’s five Fridays in that month). Nowadays it’s hard to judge precisely because there are the game challenges instead. But character wise we have had less this year compared to the same time last time. We’ve also had some newly animated skins like the Scavenger Kait - it’s not just a colour palette swap. We got the Rise Of RAAM and the heavily hinted Lambent packs in August.

We still get new events and game variants. Not everyone enjoys them all, but that was always gonna be the case. Same as the character skins.

And the eSports scene is still going on and will continue into 2019.

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Just at the end of its life cycle. This happens with every game. Also, some big titles are coming out soon and the player base will drop off even more at that point. I know for me, once red dead 2 comes out you won’t see me on anything else for a good while.


Don’t know if your new to gears 4 but its almost 2 years since the launch and TC has given the community enuff enough skins challenges rewards even esports for gears 4, I guess its time they are focusing on gears 5 now and the other gears games, its still amazing they support gears 4 until now


I can see what you mean it’s kinda sad to see less and less players online…
I feel like they aren’t trying anymore to keep the little population they still have and that kinda feeling is what makes me feel bad for the game, it’s okay if they are focusing everything on the next tittle but the way they doing it is like saying “Gears 4 is done and don’t expect anything from us anymore” … I guess giving too much charaters/weapon skins hurt the game to the point everyone is mad when not new content is put on fridays but that’s not our problem right?
I was kinda hoping for 2xp or something that
at least that can make some players comeback…

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That’s because that is exactly what they’ve said.

They are probably working on Gears Tactics, Gears Pop and of course on Gears 5. GoW 4 is nearly 2 years old I wonder that they are still bringing monthly updates for this game. Big respect to TC.

Gears 4 is on its last legs. They probably have moved on to Gears 5 development.


In all honesty most games do not even get supported this long. I’m surprised it even lasted this long. Give TC some credit, even if the updates were minor. Most devs would have shifted to the sequel a long time ago and completely moved on from the previous game.

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It’s not only you most of Europe, South America players are having problems because of region lock and honestly I don’t see TC doing anything about it , your frustration is right, I mean all of us pay to play the game and looks like theres not solution at the moment

Did you even read the what’s up? The rise of RAAM and lambent packs are in August. And yes the rise of RAAM packs have been out but only for money .

If they were giving up, they would let the franchise to another studio; so, nah.

Besides, I would never give up if my loot boxes made me get so much money .:joy:

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Lmao!! :joy::joy::joy: