Is TC ever going to fix the lancer rev up?

Pressing and holding the reload button to rev up chainsaw will end up jamming half the time. I know gnasher fanatics won’t mind this continuing to be broken but still.

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No they wont fix this. They don’t care, right, @TC_Octus ?

The chainsaw was such a cool, effective cqb weapon in GoW4… In 5 if you try to rev it up during a reload (and there are lots more reloads with a smaller mag size) it jams the gun. There are multiple places where it wont rev up when you are in cover. It wont revup when you press & hold rb during a roll (I.e. when you come out of a roll it ignores the pressed rb). I’ve had maaany instances of holding rb being ignored…

None of those issues were present in GoW4 when chainsaw was on B

For me, movement, damage omen, and chainsaw were the biggest reasons why G5 was such a huge disappointment…


At least it’s still good for corner camping and smoke cluster flucks on KOTH rings :sunglasses:
On a serious note there are several button delays or instances of inputs not being registered since release (more likely tied to connection/server issues).

Unfortunately I doubt the chainsaw is very high on the priority list.

I still prefer it being the B button. I barely use the chainsaw since they made it RB…


We’d be very lucky if they did.
They see it as one of their oh so astonishingly astute design choices that puts tc’s stamp on the game.
Like the omen, the awful lancer heavy maps and a thousand other things. tc continue to believe they are right and will only begrudgingly change anything with the tiniest of steps.

So maybe they’ll revert I to B around g6’s launch.

Totally agree.
Being a Chainsaw Massacre type guy (12’000 in Gear4 multiplayer) and even more in Gears 3 it is devastating to me and my kill count :wink:
I still manage a good 5-10 per match in Hill but the amount of times it does not work is unreal.
I played against someone yesterday who literally walked around 90% of the match with the chainsaw revving, sad to say he “sucked me in” a few times. At least when I use it I do so with a bit of style…chainsaw-bounce-chainsaw-bounce etc.

My greatest glory was 7 kills on the trot with it on Checkout (Gears4) first Hill. I recorded that one, actually had on here for a while before I deleted all of my captures.

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This is what happens when you put reload and rev chainsaw to the same button. Why did they do that? To introduce the knife melee that was broken at release? I switched to ALT-classic so my roll and cover button aren’t mapped to the same button. It takes some getting used to but I’m liking it.

The best I managed was 7 in a row on Avalanche, at the frags ring… I was laughing my butt off by the end…:wink:

Nothing like that in 5. The extra delay, the key input loss, the jamming of the gun…

At this point, I dont think the chainsaw would be on Top of their priorities althought Im a Chainsaw Massacre type guy if there is a few of us asking for this fix, They will just ignore us because we are a minority, so that Maybe we all should go to Twitter and ask for a rev chainsaw fix.

I think this is a easy fix but Idk why they dont care, or They are just too stupid?? Idk

They said in the past if there is enough people asking for anything, They would add/fix it in the future, maybe try in the dev strems, but again we need to join together asking for this, one of us asking is just like nothing to them

The best I managed was… actually in Gears 5. Me, my sister, and my friend were on a massive chainsaw killing spree in KOTH. We killed like 10 people, lol.

I feel the problem is the executions are beautiful to watch and a lot of fun. However your punishing yourself for using them. By the time the animation is over you’ve already been blown away by a shotgun. There’s no benefit to do a 5 second animation over a 0.5 second shotgun blast.