Is TC bored of Gears // I was just reminded to consider a very possible theory

Are they bored? I made a post mocking the store weekly rotation and somebody brought up an interesting theory that honestly, based on recent events, actually seems plausible. So much so, it is kinda scary honestly.

I mean, they release such low quality content, super lazy it seems, not to mention super slow.

Although they put some effort into reworking the store, tour, gameplay mechanics, etc… This game honestly FEELS boring. Maybe that is a reflection on how TC feels about Gears? I mean, it is really starting to feel that way. I cannot believe that I haven’t considered this earlier but man, it would explain some of the crap they have been releasing and will more than likely continue too.

What are your thoughts? Props to the guy who made me think about this XD



■■■■ I’m bored of gears rn


Yup… Same here… I’m snoozing. All I want is Shadow the Hedgehog (Chrome Steel OG Armored Kantus // NOT Stalker)… That is all I want… oh and Golden Hunter. I’m a Locust main XD

Oh and I would really like it too if 8 player FFA could allow normal loadouts in Customs…

This is literally all I want, and I’ll be happy… But considering TC has to answer alot of other requests… I have a feeling my wait is going to be VVEEEEERRRRYYY Long…

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One thing is for sure I will never be bored of Gears of War but I am completely bored of Gears lol


Love wat you did there :smiley:


I’ve said many times I don’t believe TC lacks inspiration, or motivation or passion. But leadership.

We’ve lost a good handful of devs in the last six months ago, all or most of which had an important role in development. Rod obviously being one of the biggest examples as he was literally the head of the game.

But what devs are left, trying to shamble together a finished product with the entire community looking over their shoulder with a flaming pitchfork ready to criticize… I’m not surprised they slowed down since all of their plans seem to have been awarded backlash and rile the community more.

And their current plans are full 180s on their old ones in response to said backlash.


Playing doom eternal instead so ya bored


@x_N1HILUS_x I think it was me



I’ve said they should’ve focused all their creative power on 5.

I got beaten up for it but I stand by it.

Instead of pop or tactics they should’ve just focused it all on 5.

If 5 can’t stand the other sides can’t either.

Just like if Halo was bad all other extension halo games couldn’t have thrived.

My thoughts.


I will give TC grief when they deserve it, and boy do they deserve it, but I really think that they’re focusing most if not all of their resources on operation 5. I think that they feel it is a make or break operation for them. So many players have left and still, like me, others have stuck around. But with the new operation they’re going to have to compete with new release games, next gen consoles, and even competing consoles. I think TC is just focused on op 5 and throwing us less then a bone for operation 4.


Of the 200 or so TC employees, approximately 41 are bored. But they are not paid to be, so they should get over it, buck up, be a pro, or find some new gig to stir their passion.

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I so hope you are correct here.

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Question : If it was a CS skin for the Armored Kantus, wouldn’t it technically be closer to Silver?:thinking:

I think lots of people are bored of Gears, man. I’m totally bored with it. I play a match or two occasionally. Looking forward to some new games. Gears 5 had it’s run.


SplashDamage was the lead developer for Tactics, Mediatonic the lead for GearsPOP.

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It was :slight_smile:

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Which supports the argument that Tactics has taken away from MP map development

It’s a mobile game :roll_eyes:

ANY developer could have made it.

Imagine if they all worked on 5 together what I mean

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Unless you hear directly from TC employees about whether they are or are not bored, it’s just conjecture.

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My Guess it’s that they are bored

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