Is speedrun.....?

Map was Mercy. Engineer setup in Library. I played soldier and most enemies seemed to spawn from the spawn just outside, so I started lobbing nades and planting between waves. Some waved lasted 20 seconds and it was an MVP. Easy run. I have always claimed I have never SR and this one felt cheap.

The way I always played it, well not always but easier I feel like. SR if all spawn locations were tagged up pre-waves, if not, I wouldn’t count it as a SR.


It kinda has elements of a Speed Run.
Grenadier Soldier + Hammer of Dawn.
I could plant Grenades at Heavy Weapon + opposite Map spawn.
Most enemies may blow up, get shocked then few come from middle side of Map.
A Sniper could Strike them all.
Even the last few Waves like _5 to _0 could have Hammer Strike right into the spawns.
So it’s kinda… the Waves are short like 1 to 2 mins.

If you feel like Waves went by faster than normal, you can call it a Speed Run.
It’s a subjective definition after all.

Thats the way I play it because it is a more open space compared to the church. It does cut the time down but I wouldn’t consider it a speedrun because we never use that many sentries just grenades, boomshots, dropshots well pretty much every weapon available and alot of fences and or decoys.

I just wish people would place base outta church.

Starting area is tricky…

Anyone looking for a Horde player? Add me I pretty much play horde and I know more all the spawns lolz my problem is once they see me getting 75% of the kills people leave lol

The church is an absolute boxed in scenerio. I am not against playing it but in public if I can avoid it then will do eveything to avoid it because lately it has just been fail and most people quit when the fab goes inside the church.

@l_Ar_Ci_l Once you are not getting 75% of the kills through sentries then there is no problem and would love to see a claim like this in game.

Another one with similar problem ia Avalanche…

People are afraid of uncovered bases.

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Of all the maps I have come across in public Avalanche takes the biscuit. I hate that map with a passion. Every time it has always been back to spawn or to the piano which horribly makes the other classes irrelevant and just becomes a sentry fest. Of all the maps I want removed I want that one removed the most.

No. Enough map restriction.

  1. If you have a nice strike team: go upstairs. Nice sniping point, but you get very vulnerable to guardians and Boom Scions.

  2. If you run super decoys and overclocked lockers: place the fabricator inside the little house, near the piano room. Tricky at the beginning and when you fight the Kestrel.

(I forgot : they may simply quit if you don’t place base on spawns.)

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I will play it but it is well on the bottom list of maps. I prefer the upstairs rather than the spawn or the piano room but everyone seems to head into these cover rooms and never expand upon it which leaves any heavy or sniper useless to the point of sit back and watch a sentry show. I would rather have original Lift, Speyer and Gridlock as a choice over Avalanche but they seemed to be banned from public Horde for what ever reason. While location is key alot of players will quit when the engineer moves the fab upstairs yet still quit when its pushed into the spawn or piano room. It has just gotten to a stage where I just straight up avoid this map as much as possible because of all that.

Try #2 on other maps.

That’s how we show these guys we don’t have to rely on sentries. And maybe change usual base locations.

I don’t hold much hope for this gears public but, given the amount of outspoken public players, hope the next Horde will be a whole lot different or at least less disastrous.

I don’t like when people go the the Church because like you said you are pretty much boxed in …
Any Boss Monster can fit inside so you all become a " fish in a barrel "
There’s not advantages placing the fabricator inside sniper class don’t work, Heavy mmm! Yes and No , soldier his limited because you need to stay on cover all the time nades help but at higher waves become useless since the number of enemies increases , forget about using hammer because theres times where the scout is not so good, the only one who benefits in this map is the engineer but he always need to rely on the scout… Mercy is a good map and easy one … if you wanna Level Up that’s a very nice map

Mercy I quite like, and it’s one of the few maps that I prefer NOT to have the base built in the spawn areas.
The ‘boxed in’ map that I hate with a passion is Forge - enemies attack from three sides. If the fabricator starts getting pulled to the control room I know things are going to be tricky…

I wouldn’t say sniper and soldier don’t work.

Try hiding behind benches. If you quickly change from left to right and back, you can cover both front spawn areas.

Forge is best done in the spawn. Going up top is way too cramped and vulnerable.

If you playing casual/normal not problem, but try that on hard/insane… I don’t think you can survive much that’s why inside the Church is not the best option to put the fabricator,

I only play insane.

Tested and approved.

(the box really holds A LOTTA damage.)

If you divide the team to cover left and right on the control room, it’s doable.

But yes, spawn is way better. Sniper can see far.