Is spawning going to be fixed in Gears 5?

Has anyone heard what they are doing to fix Spawning in Gears 5. To be honest I mainly play KOTH and the spawning is absolutely terrible in that game mode. Biggest problems I have is when the opposing teams spawn in from getting wiped and they have a natural cross set up. And when they enemy spawns in at the same location you did 5 seconds prior. Checkout is probably the biggest culprit of the cross spawning. Now what do I mean by that? I’m moving from photo ring to a ring on either side of where flame nades spawn below the platform. and the opposing team has two guys spawn in where regular spawn is and by the sniper. It sets up a nice cross right there. And my team on a couple occasions has lost all momentum on those rings for that very reason.

Another one that’s really bad, is What I call spawn behinds. The enemy spawns at the same location I did five seconds ago. I start to maneuver to the ring but then I get lancered from behind. It’s bad enough I have to be on the lookout for campers, let alone the game essentially giving my opponent a near freebie because from his perspective I really don’t have cover, especially when I’m already engaged with someone to my front. That to me has really plagued the game the last few days.


It really all depends on map control. Where your teammates are located will determine where the enemy spawns. Now I am not that good at doing this, I would recommend talking to @III_EnVii_III

Yeah, TC acknowledged some time ago that the spawns are not the best but I think they said it was due to map size or something along those lines.

You can influence spawns anyway and make people have a close / far away spawn, maybe this is why you may think you’re getting “bad” spawns.

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I understand controlling the spawns. 1 it doesn’t always work and 2 why would I want to stay at a spawn point when the ring is on the other side of the map? Far away spawns only really bother me when the opposing team gets the near spawn every time. what bothers me is when the opposing team spawns in a near perfect cross. Again. they Spawn in either right behind me, or they already have a cross by mere spawning. If you set in a cross fire as a team. Good on you it part of the game, I respect that But the game shouldn’t be gifting crosses and whatnot.

You misunderstand,

1 player commits to say in a place close to the ring.

That means that your team get all the close spawns and the opposition get the far spawns.

Likewise if you don’t have control of the area or ring, then you are going to be frustrated with far spawns.

Doubtful. All Gears’ dynamic spawns have always been trash, even going back to Gears 1.

The spawning in KOTH has needed to be fixed since the gears 2 days ,so i highly doubt its getting fixed any time soon

I asked about spawns in KOTH during a Dev Stream a little while back and they said they are looking into it

I agree that map control is a big requirement for KOTH, you need to control the area rather than just the ring. However, the spawns are still bad and I find the worst offenders to be the maps that weren’t really designed for KOTH (Clocktower, Canals etc) Regardless of area control, both teams should spawn equidistant from the ring at ALL times.

I understand what you are saying trust me. Map control is huge in versus. but to do that you would need to do that with a full team. Because of the fact I play from Afghanistan, the time zone difference for me and my friends is about 8 1/2 hours. I am forced to play alone for most of the time I have available to play online. another disadvantage I have is I play in lobbies with people who speak a different language or English is their second language. I cant coordinate with guys I am playing with.

Now the subject of bad spawning. I define a cross as when two players on the opposing team are shooting me with their lancers (or any ranged weapon) from two separate directions minimizing or altogether eliminating my use of cover. Though I am able to avoid fire from one opponent, the second opponent can still engage me. That is what I define as a cross. If a team were to do that to me because of how they maneuvered. I am ok with it. That shows teamwork and a higher level of play and/or intelligence. An example of the game gifting a cross to the opposing team is when three or more players of the opposing team have died, and they spawn in at two separate locations, Common with KOTH. on the map Checkout in particular, Opposing teams have spawned into the game from getting killed to have natural Crosses set up without having to maneuver around the map at all, or minimally run forward a tiny bit. This situation usually occurs when the Ring is on either side of where the grenades spawn. Multiple times I have moved from photo or the mulcher rings to any on those four rings, and the opposing teams came back from being dead and started lancering me from two separate directions. The game is gifting the recently spawned in team an advantage by separating and spreading their team out giving them more map control. It is gifted not earned. That is what I am upset about.

Firstly, your personal circumstances are your circumstances.

Secondly, as I said, you can control spawns so you don’t get crossed.

As to your first point, I’ve already accepted my circumstances and I’m not complaining about it. As to your second point, even with a full stack it would be very difficult to control multiple spawn points In KOTH. I’ve had people spawn in next to me on KOTH, so yea your comment on spawn control is slightly invalid. It does work don’t get me wrong. But not all the time

It’s very rare to spawn with someone, it happens, but rare.

It’s very awkward when it does…

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It is, but I don’t mind it, it’s like a instant 1v1 :grimacing:

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Shoot (ping) shoot (ping) shoot (ping)
spawn protection ends
shoot (splat)


Exactly this :sob:

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Depends on the map. Ravens Down it happens all the time to me

Raven Down is where it happens the most, but only maybe once in a match, normally doesn’t happen, in my experience anyway.

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Yeah, it’s really sad how spawns dictate who wins the match over actual skill. Gears 4 did it right. But this is utter garbage.

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