Is something wrong with the servers?

April’s figures = fool’s day.

Yeah but Farming Simulator 19 is right behind Gears, which says it all.

I’ve never paid any attention to the most played games, as how is it calculated?

Like if I play it once during that month, is that counted etc?

I mean theres a fan base for these simulator games lol

As for the most played? Im not 100% I would think that people have to play a game for a little to make it a “most played game”

I think if it counted by a person playing once Gears would have jumped up the 1st or 2nd day op 4 released. It only jumped up after the 1st week of Op4

Huh? I didn’t say no one is playing it, I said the numbers don’t reflect the belief/wish that OP4 is the this massively popular update compared to the previous ones.

My point was that it is very likely NOT different than the normal spikes that seem to occur when new OP’s are released. This spike is indeed smaller than that for OP3, at least on Steam. And I understand Steam is not necessarily representative of total numbers. It is however better than just saying whatever we individually hope to be true and stating it as if it were facts.

Steam is a very small representation of the Gears install base. It is primarily Xbox.


What numbers though? None of us have any real data so its just speculation. Most people that enjoy something dont go out of their way and tell people, but most people that dont like something tend to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone they know.

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Read my post bro, I acknowledged that in my reply to you. It is far from perfect, but I would argue it is better than going off some random list the Microsoft store puts together. How often does it get updated? If someone played Gears 5 once in July how are they included in those rankings? Where can we see a month by month historical comparison? The Steam charts at least give us some idea of how things change over time. Plus there is no reason to think that, en mass Steam players would hold such a different opinion from the Xbox players?

By the only numbers that are actually publicly available (flawed as they may be) that actually let us see a tempora; relationship between when OPs were released and the associated changes in player count.

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Even with them being the only numbers, you have a better shot at guessing since its not even .01% of the population

Except that is kind of what statistics is for. Your statement is akin to saying that a poll of 25 thousand Americans is meaningless since it is less than .01% of the population.

I’m not saying the Steam numbers are a good way to gauge the overall popularity, but it is far better than going off the MS store rankings when we can’t do a historical comparison against the other OPs. nor do we have any idea how frequently it is updated, nor do we know how long the influx will last.

Furthermore, why would you hypothesize that Steam gamers playing behavior’s would differ in a meaningful way from those on Xbox?

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Yes cause gears has never been popular on PC. Microsoft list would be more accurate with even showing no actual numbers

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I’m not nor did I say it’s meaningless. All I said was you have a better shot at guessing.

I don’t understand. It is just a smaller population of players. Why would the system make a difference? When a game sells well on Xbox MS brings it to PC where it will usually mirror the game’s performance on Xbox.

I’d wager that a huge percentage of PC players came from playing older Gears titles on Xbox. I know that was my path.

But more than that, the platform a game is on tends to have very little to do with its popularity, Look at the big cross platform releases, they tend to be good or bad selling regardless of platform, like the most recent Assassin’s Creed doesn’t sell well on Xbox but not PS4 or PC.

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But if you think guessing is better than looking at actual player numbers over time you clearly are implying that the actual numbers are meaningless.

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I agree man, people can say all they want Ooo look at the game pass table it’s all bs, there isn’t any good games on there anyway.
You can’t find a game on gears because gears is dead it was already dead before operation 4 now they’ve taken away tdm they have literally got rid of every competive player on gears now they have milked out all the loyal fan base to the point you can’t find a game.


Sorry you took what I said so literal. Next time I’ll add /s

Ok, bro.

I’m not so sure what their is to understand it’s not a big crossplay game and it’s never been popular on PC no matter how popular it is on Xbox. There’s a reason PC players clambered for crossplay so hard because it’s not popular on that platform. Steam numbers mean nothing for this game


How many people do you think are playing Gears on Xbox if you think the Steam numbers are irrelevant due to their size? A sample is just that, a sample of the whole. In this case it is a specific slice of the whole Gears 5 population, but we don’t have any numbers to go on from MS or TC likely because the player base is so small.

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I’m noticing a weird trend here. If I play a Quickplay match my experience is pretty good every match. It’s not all that sticky, shots register and enemies don’t tend to do abnormal things.

If I am playing Ranked I get a laundry list of issues.
-Hit markers for no damage
-Enemies shooting through walls
-Sticky cover
-Rolling into cover instead of sliding into it
-Slow, sluggish movement
-Weapons switch on trigger pull much too often (why hasn’t this been fixed?)

I have none of the ranked issues in PvE nor do I have many of them in Quickplay. It’s really ranked that feels awful and I have no idea why. An enemy just sits there and eats 2 point blanks for 43% (full hitmarkers) and then shoots the wall and I explode. :frowning: