Is something wrong with the servers?

Is something wrong with the servers or do not a lot of people play this game anymore?

i waited 10 mins this morning and gave up finding gridiron. so then i tried koth for 5 mins and gave up. finally tried 2v2 gnashers.

I waited 8 mins to finally get a 2v2 gnashers, and as soon as it finishes loading it says i got kicked from the match and removed, and then 15min penalty. ok, fine. so i wait 15mins to play my favorite game and then try finding another match. and then BAM same thing again, this time another 15mins. lol
please i just want to play. i’ve been masters 3 seasons straight but this season it is looking difficult to even play.


No, there’s just not that big of a player base.


Theres a new bug in matchmaking somewhere that the server will kick 1 or multiple ppl from the match at any given time, tc r aware of it and r trying to fix it
It happens in all gm modes not just versus.

Sucks that ppl get banned for this tho, some get kicked from ranked and no option to rejoin also.

Played on escape theses past couple of days,the ping on most of the games was (no disrespect) was awful,But I could not get kills which doesn’t really upset me because of me being respectful/spotting the enemies and picking people up

Game is dead because:
No tdm
Not a large skill gap
Game is inconsistent
Catering too much for new/bad players


Game is not dead because there isn’t TDM…Because TDM still exists in the game.

Quick play is fun :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Its funny how a lot of TDM players think that the game is dead because they took the mode out of ranked

Funny thing is that the game has moved up at least 20 spots on the top 50 most games played since Op 4 came out. And yes its something that happens every time a new op has come out but not this much


Not alot of people play this game.

You wont have any issues. Since thts where all the tdm players went.
Tc thought we would all gladly go play koth. Lol not.
Ive played it maybe 3 or 4 times. And i will not be playing it again. It is not fun at all.
I want escalation back. Its much more methodical and intense imo.
And it never just a cluster f x k of everyone running into the same hill with unlimited spawns.


New ranking systems but the first week it was busy with people trying it out. A lot of people disappointed though and have put down the game since mate.

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So why hasnt it dropped down?

Watch the space :joy:

But if so many people already dropped the game it should have gone down already

The player base is fine. That’s not the issue. If anything it has increased quite a bit since the release of Op 4.

There appears to be an issue with matchmaking.

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Some sort of server or Xbox live problems possibly. Even achievements pop but still are locked… horrible 150+ ping on quickmatch etc.

Technically you are correct, but you are are also so very wrong.

The player base is definitely not fine, not before or after OP4. I would also be pretty surprised if many of these new players stick around longer than a month or so.


The game has jumped from the mid 50s to the mid 20s on Xbox’s most played list. The highest it’s ever been since launch. While new Operation spikes are normal, this is clearly different than that.

People are overall happy with the direction of Gears after Operation 4, and are looking forward to Operation 5.


I’d love to see the source for your numbers on this. It CERTAINLY isn’t true according to Steam numbers. I know its only a small portion of the Gears 5 players, but to my knowledge neither Microsoft nor TC is releasing player numbers. OP3 had way higher player peak in April (5,659) versus OP4 in July (670).


While we havent gotten any exact numbers from MS/TC, Gears has been in the 40’s for the top 50 played games in the MS store. At this moment it is sitting at 27. The only time its been this high was at launch when over 3 million people played. If people were still upset with the game it would have dropped down by now

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