Is Security even in this game anymore?

I haven’t seen this map since the achievement came out to play on all post launch ones. Clearly social isnt the way to go so has anyone seen this in a core playlist in the past few days?

Yeah it comes up pretty often in Guardian, Dodgeball and KOTH. I’ve played it a couple times in the last week.


Thanks, i’ll give those 3 a shot.

I see it often in ranked.

It comes up very often in comp warmup, especially for koth

KOTH, all the time

As said above, it is very popular in social, and in KotH.

yes it is.


Unfortunately it still is :frowning:

I like Security but not when it’s constantly getting voted for like Blood Drive

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I played about 5 Ranked KOTH matches and 2 out 5 matches was Security and the other 2 Blood Drive. One was different I forgot the maps name.

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We played a few on Security and Blood Drive and also a match on Foundation. :slightly_smiling_face: