Is ranking up bugged?

So in KoTH, I am currently onyx 2 (was onyx 3 but game kept putting broze on my team for since reason so lost alot). Anyways i just had a 4 winning streak with 0 round losses and 2 mvps… 0% rank up. Lost the 5th match because I had a booster on my team and went down only 1% but went down. I don’t understand how to rank up in this game anymore. Was diamond in TDM and KoTH in season 3. Guess winning doesn’t rank you up anymore

Probably is but you’re not the only one. If you do a search, you will see a main thread for complaints and whatnot about the ranking system.

Ahhh i didn’t know people complain about it. Never really go on forums lol and today i won 6 lost 1 and still lost 1% from my last loss and never going back up. In season 3 it always moved nearly every match. O well the onyx life is the life for me.

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