Is ranked still screwed up?

The accumulation and subtraction of points is spot on! But I played my 5 placement matches and got out in bronze 2, when I play the total team skill points is always 90-95k. So am I getting the false rank again? Just like before the update. Oh and I’ve always been in diamond, for some reason it just only shows me with 2k skill points but I’m still in games with people my normal rank? Like I said, 90-95 total skill points on both teams but my rank shows only 2k points? Please help TC!!!


Everybody is experiencing this, I can promise you that lol

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Ok cool thanks! I just want this system to work properly, the concept of the ranking system is phenomenal, now they just have to get it to work as intended

Could you elaborate on this please?
I used to rank silver, now I can barely get out of bronze 1-2. Most matches feel like im playing with silver+ in bronze, like really skilled people not belonging in bronze league. Whats up?

What’s the average total team skills in your games?

I hope it starts making sense too lol on 4 I was a Gold 3 player on average in the 3 modes I primarily played… TDM and Guardian I hit Onyx 1 a few times but wound up back at Gold 3 after some bad games, tho I did finish on Onyx 1 in Guardian without losing it.

On 5 I have yet to surpass Silver 2, maybe FFA will break that cycle after it becomes Ranked… I haven’t won yet, but other than my 1st 2 bad games I have finished top 5 in all my other games, 2nd place 5 times

I’m not totally sure but if I remember correct it’s around 79k, sometimes more or less.
What does that number tell us anyway?