Is Quantum Retrocausality the future of Gears 6? Watch this short video if you dont know what that is

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I would like to suggest this idea for Gears 6 and above; at a more appropriate time I believe would be present and not in gears 5; I believe all the other threads before that I created are more suitable for gears 5 prioritizing; however, then this idea thread; so if you haven’t read that, please do if you will.

General Overview:

2 teams play on the same map at the same time except each team sees their type of enemy, and not the other team only. this is happening at the same time, on the same map and happens during a horde match period of time until every wave brings all the species of enemies in the game, to each of the 2 opposing teams. When this is over All the bots that you killed go on your team to help kill the other team along with the bots that they killed; the person who did the most damage to the bot has that bot at their arsenal, to issue a set of commands to control along side them. 
 When it gets to this point it is either team death match (1 match) or a set of execution rounds w/the bot's you 've 'racked up'. At the beginning of this phase in the match, you can see the bot's of the opposing team along with the opposing team, and there's a spawn protection for bots and you, but the areas (3 areas) that have your bots spawning next to the opposing team's bots are marked out so in a sense to tell you to rush there and command them with a upper hand and greater chance of surviving against theirs. This is in the mode to give a sense of escalation, but could be removed, if it turns out having all the bots just start with you and not randomly scattered around the map is better. ( this sounds like the better option )   

How will it end and start up again at the same time?

2 teams go through waves of every enemy species in a horde match till the next wave starts; based on: one team gets all the 'bots' first. till both teams fail the wave, resulting in next wave starting with less opportune bots acquired. or at the same time, both teams get their last bot(s). we could introduce a timer too. { again don’t forget this is the phase where the opposing team and their bots are invisible to the nonexistent point. }

What Happens If the Bots we're all required by 1 person on 1 team?

If this happens then an allotted number gets filled first, and the first bots to fill up each players allotted number is the one they have if they don't pick before the timer ends before the end phase of the mode starts. you can command and also share your bots in game or before starting, as well as protect, or give them the controlling power over your bots too... maybe it's triggered by radius also, or as part of a command ability. maybe There is allotted number of how many bots can follow us at a time; and the one who acquired them, can just make and pick any of the bots in game at any time, and until then radius and whether or not you're allotted number is filled, is the ultimate defining factor; if you can make them go here, go there, patrol/camp in this area/shoot anyone who steps in this outlined area.

What happens if the one controlling the bots die?'

Then you can be the first to get near to where the person has died or the bots to gain the control over them; till then they are controlled via AI intelligence; which should be really realistic. If your the last one then everyone who dies bots either go directly under your control; or maybe you still got to get close to them. Also maybe there's a cursor involved...

Now if you believe this could be a start to new ideas for gears 6; then post your gears 6 ideas all on this one thread, and maybe when posted this early, the makers of gears of war have more time to implement it.

Tooooooo muchhhhhh text ahhhhhhhhhhhh… Trump would be a big fan of this wall… But in all seriousness I like the idea of team vs team horde like a 5v5 and first team to successfully complete the wave wins the round… Would hafta be like a 10 wave horde mode though

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The mode seems way to complicated for Gears to be honest. That, and it seems like a very niche game mode, so would it be worth their time investing a lot of effort into making such a complex game mode? Not to me, but it’s nice to see such a thought out idea.

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I do feel like 10 was a good wave too, I just included all species though, but was thinking that at the same time anyways.
 I believe we could seperate the 2 phases like the one you said you'd like... maybe the phase you like, can be seperated to more importance or treated different; for example this phase could have random rare character items and wepon skins to accustomed each bot, tailored made to spawn to your assenal of character customization, which you dont have. So that when you get the bot kill you get the item/character or character skin also, and what ever eles thats customizable by gears 6.
Maybe the 2 phases are seperated by something eles rewarded within the 2; like money to buy loot ( if they still do that ) or just not 2 continuous phases into 1 mode all together... maybe what happens here in this mode determines what bot you can use in the next mode... 

Edit: or maybe the best option is have the wave round and bots on your side alternate one after the other and you could have the bots visible the same bots for the other team and effected by the invisible opposing team/thus the bots damage is inflicted upon invisible forces, aquired by the death blow damage; but I think its best if the bots are ineffected by the invisible team; and if the bots are seen only for each team, having opposing bots and team also invisible, while sharing a timer.
1 more thing; if given the option to choose or become the bot that we aquired or not… like, maybe we can’t control other bots or as much when we become a bot… possibly solve, & work seamlessly with the other questions posed?

Too much reading on a forums huh?

I would see it fit as a mode for maybe not gears 6, but 7, or 8 and so on, when innovation calls or is a good idea, to implement, and you just need to find a good reason to continue the gears franchise w/out ‘running it into the ground’. I also updated my solution post from post edit: where it says alternating the wave bot fight to wave then team fighting w/allied bots is the better idea for implementing this idea in the future… I do want to put that out there :slight_smile:

Yes, too much. I’ve written books but ugh too much.