Is Protector a worthwhile class or annoying to others?

I have Protector and Architect left, i havent used them at all, i feel Arch isnt worth it as a mechanic class and if i am going to be a mech i should be dedicated to that role, but people say the decoy is great to help make it a damage class

For protector they say to use the mace while in the bubble, i was thinking though if say enemies are going through the barrier fortifications and i go there and use my ultimate, wouldnt that annoy the team since they cant shoot them?

Just be aware of where your teammates are focused. Use your bubble in a place that isnt being looked after by anyone. Or put it in a very aggressive spot near the enemies so there’s no way you can hinder your teammates.

Architect is very good once you figure out how to keep the decoy alive. Its not actually hits that extend it, its damage dealt that extends it. So enemies touching your barriers will extend it and any kind of gun you use will extend it. All the bonus damage from “flanking” enemies can be very devastating as well.


Both are actually very, very good Escape classes if you’d rather play that than Horde. Free auto stim is useful, Protector has built in Melee bleed damage, and Architect’s Ult plus shooting enemies in the back is so universally helpful it hurts.


Like staindgrey said, both are more useful in Escape than Horde. I still think in terms of perks/cards that the Arch is a third rate engineer, but the Decoy does have its uses. The Protector was one of the first classes I maxed out. It is extremely useful in Escape, especially since you do not need to wait for Venom to bleed or gain stim. This is very useful for hives with slow venom. You do not have the Blademasters healing near bleeding enemies, so you will need to play more conservatively, but you can still deal considerable melee and bleed damage. For Horde, you also will not need to spend energy perking up to get his melee bleed damage like you would with the Blademaster.


Protector is good, but dosent have crowd control like BM has.

But still fun class to play with. The bubble is good option to use for defending the players/fortifications/taps.

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Protector does in fact now have a passive to heal off of Bleed damage, though. Which can help a lot. It is the damage resistance which is lacking.

@Jetwolf_2K , the Best way to use it in Horde is to hold a position with the spammable Shield and use Breaker Mace ground slams to hit enemies outside your bubble of safety. But otherwise yeah it is probably still better as a very self-sufficient Escape class. It was my first class maxed. I honestly don’t play it enough these days…

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I just used it 2 frenzies on icebound it was helpful since scions had shields, i killed them by hitting then returning to shield and later waves when i had a mace i just hit them from the shield and im pretty sure i didnt annoy my team cause the shielded scions were wrecking us

I was able to recover the taps as well when they got destroyed by using the shield on it


Architect is underrated. Sure the other Engineers come with greater benefits for your team since they also have way more cards to choose from but Architect and its Hologram can sometimes help turn around a bad situation. As long as enemies don’t have clear line-of-sight on you, they tend to go after the Hologram. With Deception you can one-shot a bunch of enemies with a Longshot in your hands. The angle where that takes effect is like 270° (it’s quite a big angle).

Protector I’m not too familiar with too much but some people have already given some tipps for it as I’ve seen.

Guess i will give this class a shot then, deception seems sweet