Is Paduk fear challange still broken?

The last horde challenge I need been knowing it was broke for awhile wondering if it fix yet. Where you need to get 50 kills in horde with his fear on.


It is still currently bugged, but should hopefully be fixed in the next major update (no announced date).


Hope they fix it before the tour ends i want 5k gear coins


Same here :slight_smile:

Wow I was about to create a topic about it.

Glad to see it’s a bug. I REALLY need the 5k coins lol.

At least Paduk still enjoy killing enemies and causing fear among them…

Seeing a leech run away from me like a little ***** after I kill a drone is so cathartic.

Tbh at this point I feel like they should just give it to us. Idk about everyone else but it’s the last one I need to do for that tab and I’ve honestly done it probably 3 times at least by now. Granted Paduk and Fahz are my two horde mains so if they fix it it’ll be easy enough to get but still.

It should be fixed tomorrow afaik. They wanted to deploy the fix last Tuesday but it failed certification process so I assume it will be tomorrow.

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