Is mulcher body count still busted?

I tried mulcher and trishot, didnt register, last night…

By reading some of the comments in the forums, it is currently working only with a tri-shot using specific characters like marcus.

Try the Snub…

Is that what works? i got the medal today but wasnt sure why

Yup. I did it yesterday.


So that us what it is! I got some towards the medal but not when i was expexting them! I did the snub damage medal, so thats why i saw the mulcher one appear, gotcha…

Confirmed: i just went into private horde as Keegan, and shooting enemies with my 50%snub i got the mulcher medal.

Thanks, @Bleeding_Pepper :grin:

I just unlocked it in solo horde, without ever touching a mulcher. /shrug


I have killed enemies with mulcher, snub, talon, boltok, tri-shot but I still have 0 on that medal.

Try snub using Keegan, with snub damage card equipped. Worked for me.

I got this in less thn 20 waves of Horde. Use Marcus and get his ult till it becomes self sustaining, now down enemies with the claw and switch to snub to finish them off and boom there is your medal done.