Is Marksman still capable of doing one shot on drones?

We all know that the marksman (Fahz) class has lost 40% on his ambush card when the new update begins. But the question is… Is the Marksman still capable pulling of one headshot on drones/imagos throughout the entire 1-50 waves on master difficulty?

Upgrading the critical hit perk to max would give you 50% on critical hit and upgrading the precision weapon damage to max would also give you another 50%. Assuming that you have exploit weakness that’s 55% damage, ambush is 100% damage and finally with modified longshot that’s 30% damage.

In total that is 285% damage on Longshot, also, more damage if you active reload the longshot. I’m certain that would be enough to pull off one shot (on head with active reload) after wave 30+ on drones/imagos. As for scions. Well my guess will be three headshots with active reload.

I feel like perks are must for Marksman in order for him to get the best out of him, otherwise it’s a struggle especially on master difficulty.

What do you guys think?

With an active reload which increases the Longshot headshot damage to over twice of a non active headshot? I’m fairly certain it will be yes. Without… I’m not so sure.

Scions and DR-1s you’re better of first freezing them and then active headshotting, unless you’re in X-Ray, anyway.

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Drones and DeeBees shouldn’t be a problem at a guess. With a non-active you should be fine too, but DeeBees on 41-50 you might not be able to.

DR1’s have extra damage resistance so I don’t think they can be one shotted. It would take them below the health threshold to self-destruct though. I remember playing The Malfunction on Escape and I would use Ambush, Exploit Weakness and Modified EMBAR just because there was EMBAR’s too and lots of ammo for it. When I headshot DR1’ they had a sliver of health left. Bear in mind on this scenario I had -30% Longshot damage compared to my usual choice of catds which is still less of a reduction than the upcoming -40% to Ambush, although there’s also the active damage effects too.

Scions - I’m not sure. I think in Escape you might be able to get one shots if there’s no extra mutators like Extra Scion Health (The Line) or Extra Gatekeeper Health (The Gatekeepers). On Horde, I’m not so sure. I suspect from waves 1-10 you can one shot Scions but from 11 upwards probably not.

He was able to do that in OP3 when Crit Perk only was 15% on lvl 10
and Sniper Damage Perk was only 20% at lvl10 so no worries here…

Im more worried about this; will it take more then 2 Shots for Scions even with lvl 6 Cards and all Perks on 10?

I don’t even use the ambush card on speed runs on master and have no issues at all.

What about DeeBees? I recall they have a bit more damage resistance (I think Hunters also have more too).

I will have to check I pull the trigger so fast with Marcus next to me everything melts. :grin:

Imagos have fairly low health. Even without an active reload shot, they could be easily killed.

Killing drones and elite drones is questionable. I personally think its not possible.

From my observations with Fahz/Marksman on Master Horde, Fahz can still one shot Drones throughout a 1-50 master Horde run despite the increasing enemy health modifiers. This is based on Fahz having level 6 Ambush, Exploit Weakness and Modified Longshot. I was also upgrading my perks gradually so both the damage ones were maxed out.

However by the very end (41-50) it did require active reloads.

On 41-50 non-active reloads would kill Imagos but would not kill Drones. They’d have a tiny sliver of health left.

Elite variants and DeeBees would have more damage resistance (or health?) so as with Drones, must be active reloads.

With Scions, even by the end it would take at least two active shots to kill them. First shot would take around 3/4 of the Scion’s health away.

I was still able to one shot a Sentinel through its shield on wave 45 using X-ray so the damage still exceeds their health/defence. But bear in mind Sentinels and Guardians took a nerf in health (I think it was equivalent of -20 or -25%.

A friend of mine was also able to one shot a Stump using X-ray, but this was from headshotting it, not from hitting the fleshy rear leg. The head hangs off the back and us hard to see - in X-ray it’s even harder so it comes down to luck really.


They nerfed Sentinel’s shield strength in Op 5, their base health may have been nerfed in prior Operations too. But shield strength is irrelevant to X Ray.

I must have missed that - I thought it was their overall health but yes, it’s actually shield health. Either way they’re oneshot-able with X-ray.

Aiming with Fahz also felt weird and off as well. I don’t know if I imagined it. I might have to play it a bit more before deciding.

Overall damage-wise Fahz is clearly weaker but still very viable. I was out scoring my team mates alot throughout.

Also on a side note, it felt like my ultimate ability was charging much faster than usual. I didn’t have Patience on, and Clayton did have Ultimate Battery which no doubt helped as we were quite close for the most part. I don’t know if Fahz’s time cooldown was sped up too. Again I’ll have to keep an eye on this as I was able to X-ray twice on some waves.

Thanks for the heads up bro. I still haven’t played marksman yet.

I did 50 waves on clocktower last night. I was demolitions(JD) and the marksman did way more dmg than me. It didn’t help that I was on even ground with the enemy, there was a lot of debris and our engi setup way too many barbed wire inside our base. It was blocking half my shots. Id say snipers can still one shot drones.

Yeah, also it doesn’t help removing that capacity card for demolitions class. Pathetic.

Yeah I definitely felt that too. It didn’t help I had a CoG class borrowing my boomshots off my locker -.- We also had a vet mixing his ult with the marksmen. When that happens I just save my ammo. No point in trying to compete with that as a demo. By the time the boomshot travels to the target, they already blew it up. Bullets fly faster than grenades. The ceiling in the middle where most of the action happens also blocked some of my GLs.
I felt like I was only there for boss’s the marksmen couldn’t one shot.