Is MAC broken - 15 char

Lately I’ve been trying to get some rare cards for MAC in Escape and I can swear headshots with the pistol rarely cause bleed damage. I have the Bloody Shot card maxed. I’m playing on Master and Inconceivable.

Am I missing something?

You hitting active reloads with the Boltok every time you hit something with it? Because Bloody Shot bleed has an active reload requirement to kick in.

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That’s probably the solution, so somebody give that man @AmicableWall421 an embry star.

I’d deserve that if I managed to save Lizzie from JDs stupidity and the Hammer of Dawn.


I already miss Gears of War 3’s medal system…

Just to add to wall’s point, the active bonus also doesn’t last forever. You can get an active but wait too long and the bonus wears off.

Usually 3-4 shots if you’re going for the head. 5 if you’re spamming bodyshots.

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Of course he is broken… He lost his son… :slightly_frowning_face:

I have active reloads.

What are you talking about Lizzie is fine, they all got in the trucks and drove off


I remember when Mac was a beast in the early days of Escape. Then they nerfed his bleed card into the Earths core and he’s just a shadow of what he used to be. :frowning:

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I’ve noticed with Kait that sometimes the wrong amount of bleed damage is being applied to an enemy. Maybe this is happening in this scenario?

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The only explanationa I can give you are :
A. Headshots do not increase the damage dealt by the Boltok bleed, something I find is a bit meh. It is strictly calculated off of the body shot damage of the weapon no matter where you hit, and also takes into account ranged damage dropoff.

B. You’re playing Lethal Engagements where the bleed damage dealt by anything is reduced to a tiny fraction of the original damage, excluding damage boosts given by skills like Brawler or Adrenaline Junkie which also seem to take effect on body shots/hits.

If it’s neither of those I would guess it’s a bug where the game doesn’t register the active reload for the bleed activation properly every time.

I’m playing the Clock. If anyone wants to try this there and report back that would be great.

I did a run yesterday as Mac on that map. Bleed appeared to work fine for me.

It is odd that you are experiencing it to work correctly sometimes but not others.

Very very odd. Guess I’ll have to live with it. Maybe I’m doing something. I know I have active reloads and the card equipped. Maybe I’ll unequip and equip.

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Was going to suggest that.

While I can’t prove anything, I have run horde matches where I checked several times to see if I had accidentally unequipped a card. Seemed like it wasn’t having an effect on a particular game. Swapping and re-equipping seemed to make it go away.

Might have been in my mind though.

The bleed shows numbers, so you certainly would know if it was working or not.

Too much of a spoiler man. Had to delete it. Sorry

I think the threshold for something being a spoiler is 6 months. Anything after that becomes a free-for-all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is never ok to post a spoiler without warning. No matter how long it has been :stuck_out_tongue: