Is Lizzies level up still broken?

Shocking something in gears 5 not working(Hard to believe,i know)but are lizzies cards in horde still not working or leveling up or unlocking?I read there where various problems with them.I’m not investing time into a broken character for nothing.Leveling play takes time and effort for no return isn’t worth it and i love the lizzie character but without her levelup system working,it’s not worth it.

Shocking indeed. Just stop investing time in that mess of a game altogether.


I think TC mentioned this would be fixed in next TU

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Think we’re at the point where…to many fixes are needed rook😁

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Never heard of her leveling up being bugged… if you’re asking whether the Mulcher skill is still broken, it isn’t as much. It causes bleed now, but in Horde, it does 30% bleed damage per tick instead of 45% at Level 4(54/180 x 100 = 30). Have not verified in Escape but going off off the fact that weapons in Escape do lower damage(about 1/3 less than their Horde counterparts), the Mulcher would be doing 120 damage per shot in Escape, and in that case, 54 damage per bleed tick would in fact be 45% of damage dealt.

What are you on about? Weapons don’t do less damage in escape??? Where did you conceive this info?

Damage numbers for the Silverback weapons? I used them on Master Escape and other difficulties. I can’t speak for the Mulcher but its Tri-Shot appears to be doing 300 for a body shot at even close range, as well as 600 for a headshot. The Longshot in Escape also appears to be doing 5,000 damage on an active headshot as opposed to 7,500 more often than not. If you can prove me wrong, feel free. But my experience indicates that SOME weapons in Escape seem to be doing lower damage, judging by the numbers I’ve seen while playing Lizzie who gets no damage bonuses.

No, you are stating something you do not have absolute confidence in as fact.

It’s whatever, I don’t care anymore. Misinform people.

Yeah, sure. If you don’t care about something I have visually seen ON THE DAMAGE NUMBERS THAT APPEAR IN GAME, and mention to know if other people have noticed this, why even bother to comment on it in the first place? I challenged you to prove me wrong. Instead this is your response. Why bother? It’s only for certain weapons from what I can tell. I was obviously going to do more testing. Why would I conjure something from thin air if there was no ground to me thinking it is the case? When I see a Tri-Shot doing 300 damage on a body shot and 600 on a headshot in Escape but 450 and 900 respectively in Horde, what else am I supposed to do?

So what works and what doesn’t on lizzie?

As far as I know, her skills now all work(except possibly some players having issues with the skill that makes kills in defense mode explode - have not used that one so do not know if it is working or not, there’s much better things to use). The Mulcher causes bleed but not according to the percentage shown on the skill. But it works on a basic level. All the relevant things should work now. And unless your progress somehow stops tracking, unlocking skills should not be a problem.

Ask questions instead of state facts?

Idk man, I’ve tried to help with a lot of the disinformation going around, and it hasn’t helped much. Guess I just hit my point there, screw it. Games half dead anyways lol

Kinda right about that. Folks stopping playing this has had a definite impact on match finding at least at certain times of the day. TC isn’t helping things along with the time it takes them to bring out updates.

Indeed. 4 months in and we’re already nearing Title Update 4. That’s just embarrassing for TC as a Game Studio. Seriously.

Gears 5 was nowhere near ready for release. Nowhere.

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I guess we can just thank a certain Terminator movie tie-in that nobody wanted and has now left us with one character with an insufferable personality and voice(Connor) and another awful looking one, and by all accounts seems to have flopped on its belly in the hardest way possible, for that. Well, for the bugs, anyway. The bad design choices and mess caused by the totally not fitting hero rubbish, not so much.


Possibly one of the best paragraphs of the many, many you have written. :+1:

I thoroughly agree.

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I havent had any issues lvling lizzie. I cant find lobbies in horde anymore now. The one issue I had lvling a character was when CoG came out. I lvled him up but 2 of his perks did not unlock when I met the lvl requirement. They eventually gave them to me but I could have had them lvled up had they unlocked when they were suppose too.

Too many cards in the equation for me. They seem to create unforseen knock on effects…not going to list them all @foosniper

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Bleed on fences for baird…wtf…peeps actually think their good at the game…using this ■■■■…:roll_eyes:@jmelia123

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Lol I had totally forgot there was a new terminator movie. Guess their promoting worked wonders…