Is lack of momentum the biggest problem with movement?

When Jamie MacTaggart (I think that spelling is correct, apologies if it’s not) was on the dev stream a couple weeks ago, he casually dropped the the little nugget that momentum in movement had been removed from the game. I’m not sure if this was common knowledge from before, as I haven’t been playing Gears 5 consistently. I recently decided to come back and give it a shot, and him mentioning momentum being removed shined a lot of light on some of the weird (compared to previous games) stuff I was seeing while playing. I made the following video to break down why this is actually a pretty big deal in developing a bigger skill gap.

A couple things to get out of the way:

  1. I’m not a developer, so some of my terminology might be incorrect, but the biggest thing is what we’re seeing visually.
  2. I really don’t want to see any comments bashing TC. This game has come a long way since launch, and I’m looking forward to further improvements. I just want to make sure that this is taken into account/discussed when making any potential movement changes.

And the game is better for momentum to not be in game. Imagine if you get momentum just up A ing
people! No skill. No way!

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What I’m talking about doesn’t have anything to do with the Up A speed. That speed boost now only happens if you were already traveling at full roadie run speed and max slide distance. It’s important to help make getting around the map fun, while not being overpowered in a fight.

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Just speed the game up PERIOD. N Just remove the so called up a boost

THE MOVEMENT IS CRINGY AF. SO sick of seeing gears 4 videos and being insanely jealous of the roadie strafe and speed in general.
Imo. They have been slowing this game down without telling us since op
3. or is tht juat me and my bs songle digit ping when it feels the slowest.

If they juat gave us op.2 movement and maps ( they dont even have to be new at this point) i would be very very happy.
Its a mindfck how this is being brought up.

Great video bud.

Lol speeding the movement up is what’s killed the game over the last few titles, it allows bad players to be good, they can make 20 different mistakes in gnasher fights and still be rewarded just because they press A

Much appreciated!

How did you come to that conclusion?

You literally couldn’t be more wrong.

The last few titles being, Judgement, Gears 4 and Gears 5, where the movement has been restricted, slowed down and full of delays!?

Those titles which are the worse in the series. Lmao.

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nvm, didn’t see that it was reply to another person. Carry on.

Nice rebuttal bro you really have changed my entire viewpoint on GoW and life itself!

EDIT: and btw judgement has the exact same movement as GoW 3 so you definitely have no clue what you’re talking about!!!

You can get around the map just fine. In your video the problem isn’t really movement. It’s the GIB range. It’s too far. If the GIB range is short, then you can free up movement,make a miss, have a real shotty battle. Maybe speed up the wall bounce a little, and take wall canceling out.

I have to disagree, the faster movement IMO increases the skill gap and allows for more play styles. Gears of War 4 to me had a high skill gap. Defending fast movement is just another skill in itself you have to learn. If you find yourself dying to it constantly, you are either doing something wrong or need to work on your defensive play.

Also, great video OP. I like that you are pointing out where part of the issue begins. Not what to do after to try and band-aid / counter the issue.

Its creates randomness and bad gameplay, people complain about 85% but then also want a game that promotes 50/50 chunk gameplay with super fast movement it doesn’t make sense. Just turn your brain off and move around gears use to be about using your brain during gnasher fights and hitting shots now every fight is a 2 shot down or a chunk lol

Yeah… it’s hard to say if anyone pays attention to these things.

I personally feel like i kept seeing no brainers run and either get only one kill or die.

-Bring back the OG gnasher!

People that complain about 85%'s put themselves in that position almost always. There will always be a gib threshold. And of course its inevitable that this will happen from time to time. However, if it happens a lot, it means you are doing something wrong. You can’t always play for the one shot. 85% can often be the result.

Super fast movement is just a way of closing the gap on an enemy and making yourself a harder target. If you are a good player, you should know how to defensively shut this down and also use it yourself when necessary. It’s just more things to learn, which IMO is what makes Gears Of War great.

So using a lancer is skillful against people using a gnasher?
Lol, thanks for the advice but i use it sometimes already man.

-Bring back the OG gnasher!

I honestly don’t know what you are referring to or talking about.

That’s literally the only thing some people can do

Players who play on professional teams at the highest level who play for thousands of dollars feel the same way I do lol, the game is ridiculous but you seem like you must have the answers you must be some type of elite player I guess