Is Kat any good?

Is she any good in horde? I feel like shes outclassed as an engineer by everyone else unless thats just her side job does anyone have tips on how to play her?

It’s better than having no Engineer at all.

Was hoping for slightly more detailed answer than a its better then nothing one as i was being serious

He was too.

Helpful bunch this community is then such great advice

It’s very easy to figure out.

She can be useful in Horde. Especially when Level 16 to have Halo Stim. The Decoy Ultimate also helps against Bosses like the Matriarch that got too close to base. Otherwise, she plays almost the same like any other Engineer.

If you’re looking to play non-meta, she works.

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I like her voice.


I got Kat, Emile & Sarah Conor but was never motivated to play them or level them up since they’re not tied to any achievements like the other launch characters. Kat only has the passive 10% fortification discount and no discount cards in Horde & is pretty useless in Escape. I think they need to add a discount card for at least one type of fortification (like Decoys, because “deception is her speciality”). She’s not all that useful otherwise.

Emile is more useful with his melee damage. Sarah Conor is useful with heavy weapons & grenades as she gets extra grenade damage and increased heavy weapons ammo.

Yeah , buff Kat.

Yes as a secondary Engineer she’s very nice. Great survivability with Stim + Flow; good Ultimate for taking pressure off the base or rescuing a downed team mate; repair efficiency to help maintain fortifications; has Embar as standard, which I’m a big fan of; shock grenades available at the shop. She’s pretty cool.

To hell with the meta. Let’s vary the team composition some more :slight_smile:

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I personally like using Kat but I have to state the facts.

Except for her hologram Del gets literally everything she does and more.
They have different stim perks but Dels is probably superior when it comes to repairing something.
Kat has half as many perks as Del. All dlc chars do. This was a dumb idea.
Her ult is way better than Dels IMO.
She starts with an embar instead of an overkill. Good for kills when execution rules are on but Kait wont like you :stuck_out_tongue:
I mained her for awhile because I lvled her up first when the game came out. Had I known the dilemma I would have lvled Del instead. The out right truth is Del gets an even higher construction discount, fort health, fort armor, faster lockers and benefits being near Jack. If Kat had 1 or 2 things Del doesnt have that actually help her be an engineer she might have been able to compete but right now Del is a superior engineer in almost all regard. I think TC was afraid of giving the dlc chars good stuff for fear of people screaming pay2win. Emile is better than Lahni IMO because his melee causes bleed without having to be in venom.

Now having said all that it is totally viable to do masters with only Kat. If it’s taught me one thing you dont need that many sentries. So long as people are depositing and Jack is smelting it can be done. If there is a Del in the lobby already you can make a good back up engineer. Just expect Del to build for the first half cause he has a higher discount. Then when his cost goes up you can start building.

If you hadnt lvled up either id pick Del just because he has more stuff. Im actually starting to prefer Baird because of his global turret/locker perks, repair speed and deebee weapon bonus for when I use a tri shot. Out of the 3 engineers, sadly Kat is at the bottom. The last patch they at least gave her 3 more perks so she can at least play escape. Havent got to test stim capacity. The rest wont help her in horde. Maybe in the future they might give the dlc chars some more to compensate.

There’s a lot of victims of meta guides out there that will say “No Kat, Emile, Sarah, Grace” ect. I just dont bother joining those lobbies. If they need to use the uber comp then they probably suck.

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I personally wouldn’t take the feature characters over Gears ones because I have a negative bias against their presence(though not disliking neither of the Noble Team members, I don’t really play Gears to see them so I would rather not have them, though I can put up with someone playing Emile in Escape due to his permanent melee bleed… not so much in Horde but only due to him being a melee char), but also because they are quite simply less useful(and I can’t stand Sarah’s voice). Though I would not care for who plays what character as engi, tbh, so long as they do a good job of supporting the team. Screw “Del only”. Wouldn’t be fun if you always did it the “most efficient way” unless not otherwise possible.

But to get to my point, when I see players who put it in their lobby to, say, take no Fahz or Lizzie, or Marcus or whatever, I find that stupid because it’s already almost completely unimportant which character fills in that final spot, so why would you feel the need to enforce that one specific character for the final spot, or not allow any of the Gears characters for it? It’s not like either of the fillers really is worse than the other… they just cover different spots, or they would if they weren’t all not that great compared to JD/Kait and in view of the bullet sponges.