Is it wrong? Escape

To feel a great sense of satisfaction when the hive door closes on your team mates after they got downed at the last moment?

Not when they kept shooting you at random during the run.


Probably. Doesn’t matter. If you finished, they get a victory too.

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It fills me with a great deal of satisfaction watching them crawl to try and get through the door as it slowly closes on them :smiling_imp:



I’ve found more often than not, teammates are decent in this game mode. Of course I try not to play with super low level players and I’m sure that helps a little.

If I’m angry enough with them to laugh when they get left behind then I’ve already quit the match long before we get to the door.

In the higher difficulties this kind of thing is non existent in successful runs because everyone is forced to be a team player. There’s no other way that I’ve seen yet.

I feel bad when the mvp falls inches away from the door but not one bit when the selfish ■■■■■ that took all the ammo falls on the last yard.

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They were being ■■■■■. You should enjoy it. Dave Chappelle said it best. “Cause ■■■■ em, that’s why.”


I seem to find more enjoyment in throwing the corpse of an enemy into the door as or after it’s closed. But I can’t say it wasn’t amusing to see a teammate get locked in just as they make it. Once it almost locked on me on my first Insane attempt as it had started to seal automatically. Literally made it through just as the gap was barely small enough for a human to squeeze through. The others… well, they either didn’t hear the system announcing the door would close due to the contamination or they were too busy fighting enemies.

Hmmmm no… in fact line them up and throw a shock at their feet! Watch and laugh maniacally as they’re stuck unable to move, hordes of enemies coming at them… But you’ll be safe =D

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I’ll need to remember that one. :rofl:

A flash at the feet of that “one” player is also fun! You know the one I mean =P

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You mean the one that sits back and lets you take out a warden at high level by yourself and then runs up and takes the mace?

Yeah, then hoards it till the doors are shutting, stands meters in to destroy everything but just enough time to get back out… not if he’s shocked or flashed =P Laughing maniacally at that point is worth it!

If your team has been d****, you could always watch them crawl up the ramp, run in to give them false hope as though you were going to save them, serve them a cup of tea in a bag and then run out again.

And then stand in the middle of the door giving them a salute as they just fail to make it.


It’s also great when you stand right at the end of the door when it’s about to close and they can’t get out.

Really depends on their behavior during the run, I often don’t care about the people that are just kind of there clearly having no idea what they’re doing queue up for Advanced not knowing even basic mechanics of the game slowing my farm for Common-Rare skill cards, gets even worse on the higher difficulties where you can actually put up a decent enough time if they weren’t off doing who knows what when the game mode is intended to be played as a coop mode.

If I cared to even remotely play this pile of trash, I’d do that because it’s so deliciously evil. I applaud you sir.

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Shock might hurt you if it bounces oddly at close range say when you’re standing in front of the door with not enough room on either side of you for them to get through a flash would work better in that case. You can flash yourself they won’t be able to do anything and they die by the enemy’s hand not yours so their complaint that you killed them is technically invalid.

Shock nades certainly can backfire but me being stunned is ok because they’re in front of the door, I’ll still be saved =P but usually hide behind a crate and blind throw… still very funny =D

Yes it is evil, but given how a lot play like greedy hoarders and often genuine nuisances being evil is good or rather its good to be evil =D welcome to the darkside!

If i had a waive goodbye emote, i would stand there as the door closes doing a goodbye waive emote. LOL