Is it worth coming back?

Hey guys/girls hope everyones good.
Used to be on here a lot but left the game around 4/5 months ago. I was never keen on the impotent lancer which kept getting nerfed, made worse by the gnasher which seemed to have a mind of it’s own most games and topped off by the wonky movement.

I have been thinking a lot about coming back lately. But no doubt the game needs an update or two and if it’s still in a bad place I’m not sure I want the heartache.

So how is it guys?
And since all the guys i used to play with have moved on to other games, any uk guys want to hook up for some competitive play?

If you just play Versus move on if you play all modes it’s pretty worth it tbh.


I was pretty exclusively tdm ranked when i left, a bit of koth if I fancied it, horde if the whole squad was on and keen.

If youve lurked on the forums you prolly know that tdm is 4 v 4 now and no stacks, duos only.

I like the weapon and tuning where its at right now. The versus ranked system rewards you properly now as opposed to operation 4.

Come play

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Actually I pretty much took a full on break from the game and the forums. I didnt know that so thanks for the info.

That’s encouraging to hear.
The game’s updating now so I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Pvp one mode to play with friends. Awful experience would not recommend

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I’m staying away from ranked because the gnasher is very very questionable… I’m in onyx in Gears 4 and diamond in Gears 5 and it is not fun trust me. (Just throwing my rank out there because I feel like people seem to think a high ranking player holds more merit than low ranked players. I don’t care for rank I’ll still play/ listen to what anyone has to say.) Everything is spongy on there, I’m getting ranked down because inconsistencies and people shooting where I previously was and they one shot me but I gotta put 2-3 bullets.Horde is fun but you’re at risk at raging because elite drones on higher difficulties are crazy :rofl: or you could try making escape maps ,which is always fun to be proud of your own creations.

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@Graham_A_U @Complexity1339
Cheers for the advice.

Update: so far so good I think. Hopped into casual a few casual matches earlier and after tinkering with my sens (which I think was too high) its playing pretty good.
Yeah the gnasher is still weird. I’m having trouble hitting lateral cover too, which didn’t used to be a problem. It seems like they’ve reduced the angle in which you can snap to cover than how I remember it, I keep rolling onto walls instead of sliding into them :thinking:

I think the Beta tuning made it into the Live servers idk if they fixed it or not

Ok, what did they change mate?

Yes it’s worth coming back just for the maps alone. Just played on nexus and it was awesome. So much close quarter engagement.

The ranked adjustments are a lot better in my opinion. Love that when a team mate quits you’re compensated.

Ill be real with you. If anything. The game will feel probably worse. Even with a series x.
It will feel smoother with the series x but it will still be clunky af MOVING IN MUD.

Don’t bother. Playing against 4 stacks in KOTH ranked when their connection is on some form of hyperspeed is the most infuriating Gears experience you’ll ever have especially if like me you solo que. Gnashers still an inconsistent mess, ditto for the matchmaking & servers and the lancers been nerfed to death.

I came back to check out Op 5 and after this weekend I’m out til Op 6.

EDIT- I was just playing a ranked KOTH game, was 1 and a half rounds up and then I got booted out the game with no option to rejoin. Needless to say not only am I p*ssed off but now my 3 remaining teammates will have to endure a 4v3 probable loss. Great job TC! And you wonder why the communities so toxic :unamused:

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Play as a team. What is wrong with you people?

I ask myself this every time a new operation drops. And I always end up re downloading and checking it out. It’s too early to say if op 5 will keep me or if I’ll quit once the honeymoon phase dies. I’d say if you love pve come back. It’s just veetter

This guy is wrong. The beta tuning is only in the blitz playlist.

The new tuning made its way into king of the hill by accident but was fixed an hour or so later. On November 17.

As far as these proposed changes go:

  • Slower walk and roadie run.

  • slower wall slide acceleration

  • slower weapon swap speed

  • increased delays when firing over cover and slide cancel

  • weapons like the lancer, markza, boltok, hammerburst receiving a nerf

Off the top of my head. All the changes are covered in the latest patch notes.

Why do you force solo players to play in teams!? :thinking:

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That’s what ffa is there for or get good get a team and play team modes.

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I took a break for a few months and came back and instantly regreted haha

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Nope, they broke the game movement.