Is it worth changing button layout?

I use default atm, and I feel like I’ve hit my top skill level haha! I can wall bounce as much as someone default can😂 is the only way up from here to switch to tourn alt?

I have default plus my LB remapped to A.

That way, I can bounce a lot faster with my thumbs on sticks and finger tapping LB (A).

But I also have the regular A available for muscle memory bouncing.

How can you do that?

Elite Controller :+1:

I use standard controller and default button layout. I am really used to bouncing with the A button and I could not switch to alt control sheme.

But maybe you can? I wouldnt try it but it is up to you if you wann try something new. It will take a couple of days or probably weeks to get used to it but I think it is possible.