“Is it true...”

“…do the humans actually hope to survive much longer?”

I’m pleased to see that the end of round/match announcers have returned in Gears 5:

It’ll be a welcome return to how it used to be before the bland and tedious end of round/match music that was in Gears 4.

I understand the COG is clearly Jinn, which isn’t of interest…


…the Swarm announcer could possibly be none other than the one and only Queen Myrrah herself, alive in the Hive mind of course. To have her back would be amazing and make such a difference to Versus overall. This has given me hope.

Of course if it’s not Myrrah…there will be blood, TC.

As @Duffman_GB would say, Locust…Forever.


i love the mp announcers, it sucks that they don’t have it in gow 4

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What if…just if…we got a Color Blast Scion Elite to announce for the Swarm?

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I can’t imagine it’d be anyone but Myrrah. The Swarm have like a 1st grade level understanding of the English language.

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Maybe it’s because…they don’t have the proper jaws. And they’re not human. They do have their own language though, I’d love to see the ending quote in Locust with no translation. The balls that would take.

Disgusting but necessary :wink:

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The Speaker Scion could speak it fluently… but TC decided Kait had to stomp its head pretty much right after introducing it so there’s that.

Haha, well Myrrah it is the weekend. :sweat_smile::joy:

Well that’s that bubble of hope certainly burst.

The Queen has been replaced with the very forgettable Niles Samson from Gears of War 2. I don’t care for the significance of him, it doesn’t make sense and is a terrible missed opportunity.

TC really are trying to drive away longtime fans…

Ground walking garbage mate

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