Is it true that TC is thinking in remove wallbounce?

I Saw a tweet of a famous mexican Gears content creator that says that TC is considering remove wallbouce, He says that they made a poll but I’ve never seen nothing like that. I hope you could help me with this.
UPDATE: As yall said this was just a clickbait from that guy, :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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Its not true, if it was the forums would be littered with posts against the removal.


Mod-Edited If it came from GamerWicho, it may have been incorrect.

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It was him! I thought the same that was clickbait but I have some doubt about it . thanks man!
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Smh they would never. That wall bounce is now part of the heart and soul of the game


I would support this move

Pay attention.

It’s only for the “Classic Execution” Event, which is temporary:

Source: Click here.


Calling all OG Gears fans!

Get ready for Classic Execution – 4v4 teams, only Gears of War 1 weapons, no wall canceling, and increased slide speed. Yup, you read that properly.

As always, send us your clips and we’ll feature some of the top ones.


I hope so. It’d attract a lot of new players

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Yes, that’s why he wrote that,but he twisted.
Thanks bro!

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I think at a mechanical level it would be impossible to completely remove. Hence all the delays they’ve added to it since 4

Probably click bate. Desperate content to get views perhaps.

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He’s not wrong but it’s on the quick play section.

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I hope not. There’s literally no point in removing it as you can lancer someone then hip fire gnasher them down EASILY.

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They remove alot of things so i wouldn’t be surprised if they did.


Doubt it.
There is no way a developer would be tht dumb.
Wallbuncing is gears. Gears is wallbuncing.

It will officially kill the game.
Hell. Its already on its last string.

Did they not learn FROM JUDGEMENT.???

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Ah man. I bet that playlist is flooded. You probably cant find a match because its soooo popular.

Just look at gears 1 and UE right now. Its sooo populated that you cant find a match.

Ummmmm. Oh wait :thinking:

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Nothing is funnier than you on these forms trying to shut down anything that doesn’t go with the narrative you like. I wish i could run into you just one good time on this game to see how you actually play.

I would love to play against you sir. But i honestly havnt been playing
And i certainly dont play KOTH

If i do play. You will find me playing tdm or ffa.
But again. I havnt been playing.

Edit. Oh and custom tdm on foundation