Is it that I will be the only one who will do this?

I played the maximum number of 99 TDM wheels, and I proposed to all gears of war players worldwide, especially Ess MooMooMilk.

The challenge of breaking my current record of higher Kill’s numbers, in a single game.
I named the challenge # ChallengeiResperct99.

How the challenge works is in the new video of my channel, see the rules participate if you can.

My dream is to see everyone participating.
Activate the transcription in your language.
Good luck!
- YouTube

Why would anyone want to play 101 rounds of TDM in a row against bots?


Come on now. I saw you grinding for that Ruby Scion in CoOp Vs AI.

(kidding, kidding :smile:)


Maybe Op is not good against human players? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lost twice. Gonna have to re-do it.


I wanted to find out how many kill I could do in a single game.
So I found it fun and I created this challenge, Shots without lag, the feeling and optimum.