Is it still possible to get masters skins in OP7?

I’m missing a set. Or is the heroic skins the replacement?

Ranks as far as I know will go away & so potentially the weapon skins too.

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They sucked anyways



Diamond could have been Crystal / Diamond like.

Masters should have been pure black weapon with the flame going through the gun and then disappearing with smoke trail.


You’ve thought this all through

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Agreed tbf nothing special and hardly exclusive either.

For a quick comparison the “ember” skins from gears 4 looked better imo


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Master skins don’t mean anything.

If it was like op1 or op2 exclusives, then yeah something to be proud of.

But they just gave them away.

I hope they never make something so easily attainable for something that’s supposed to have meaning to translation of the rank.

Only real masters should have the master skins. Not people who cried & moaned it was too hard while others were grinding - not that you cried or moaned but many players did.

I know I earned them. Then when someone who never achieved it gets an easy pass for breathing it just diminishes the purpose of the skins - which is really counter productive if you’re trying to promote a tier of accomplishment.

Nothing should be a gimmie. Make stuff a gimmie then people will not play because their is no sense of accomplishment and player relationship.

I know a friend who grinded 8 hours a day for the skins back in Op2 so when they gave his skins like popcorn it was an insult to him & everyone else’s grind.

That’s what I hate about TC. They want everyone to have everything but it should never have been like that.

Make people earn stuff & they’ll be more motivated to earn rewards in your game.

Still pisses me off they made the skins available like that but whatever man. That’s how they treated their dedicated PvP players - which is trash - but some dude thought everyone deserved the skins.


The current Diamond skins are still pretty good though. They glitter beautifully under the light.

In the menus yes,

In game,

Not so much,

They just look flat.