Is it still possible to get Kait Esports skin?

Hello, first I wanna apologize for my bad english.

I was trying to get the Kait Esports skin, The first time i saw them, I was in love LOL.
I just made the Part 1(like 10 minutes ago), but, when the achievement popped up on my screen, I saw the “Part 1” on the name, so, i just made a few searches on the web, and figured out that i had to watch the ELEAGUE in 11-14 July, is there any alternative way for me to receiving the skin? Cause that’s Kait is AWESOME.

There’s a gramatical question too, when i use the “I” in the middle of the sentence, should I use them in uppercase(not sure if that’s the real term, i mean in CAPS)?

I don’t know if there’s any way for you to help me, but thank you very much. I really appreciate it.



Too late for that.

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Sorry but TC has confirmed a few times that it was a be there or miss it deal.

Closing thread.