Is it safe to say we're not getting a Gears 5 Xbox One X bundle?

I’m a PC player who was considering finally returning to the console life specifically for Gears 5 (damn you crossplay toggle, you finally broke me).

That said though, it’s hard to justify an XB1X this close to the next gen consoles being released. The one thing that would have tipped the scales for me would have been a Gears 5 limited edition XB1X but that seems unlikely at this point.

Anybody heard any whisperings or rumors of anything that I somehow missed?

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Maybe just a regular console with Gears 5 included but I feel like if there was going to be a limited edition console bundle they would have announced it already. Also I feel like there’s less incentive to do bundles these days since they can include Game Pass in the box and try to entice people to keep their subscription when free months expire.

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A new console is still at least 15 months away… So is it close… Yeah, but not that close… And you know they are going to have trade deals when it gets closer to actual launch… Considering you can pick one up for $360 - $500 range… I guess it’s a matter of how much use you think you’ll get out of it before the new one comes out. And guesstimating how much a trade will be for it (maybe $200 to $250)

If you get 1500 hours of play on it (100 hours a month) , I personally think it’s worth it… I do the PC as well as the Xbox… I prefer the PC but it’s nice to have the option… And all the Gears games look pretty fabulous on the X…

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I agree. I’m getting an X but still crossing everything that we will get a Gears version. I will wait until Set 4th before ordering from Amazon.


They’re probably going to release one in some form, either a stylized version like in the past or just a plain model with the game bundled. Either way though, it’ll be priced at around $500 and I’ve seen other versions go for much lower than that. If you can live with having an inoffensive black box, then you can get an unopened/refurbished model off of eBay somewhere between $250-$300.

The 1X was a great system when it first came out. Even a year ago it wasn’t a bad idea. Now, it’s the worst choice possible. $500 for something that will be relevant for a little over a year? What a waste. Upgrade your PC instead. Crossplay won’t be an issue for a while since there will be a lot of players on for the first year.

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I bought the Gears Ultimate Edition Xbox One when it was released. It was literally a cardboard sleeve over a normal XboxOne box. That’s it. The system itself had nothing different on it.

I would imagine a Gears5 edition would be the exact same thing .

We are actually talking about the limited edition consoles like the 360 and S. Both are sexy as F.

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Well, that’s what I expected when I pre-ordered it. What I got was an early onset dose of TC lies.

Bro I got my friend really into gears around the time UE came out, and I never bought the XS Gears console because I already had an Xbox and didn’t see the need for it, but he ■■■■■■■ for the console from his parents on Christmas and I hate it.

Hi mate. I don’t understand what you mean. Also one of the words are blocked.

Sorry but surely you realised you were not buying a LE console?

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That last point is actually a really good one I hadn’t considered. By the time PC starts really struggling with finding matches, the next Xbox will probably be right around the corner anyways. So basically any way I slice it a 1X isn’t worth it for me, especially considering my PC specs are above TC’s “Ideal” for Gears 5.

Thanks for your insight.

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